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3 Restorative Yoga Poses Supported by Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolster

We have talked about yoga poses and yoga props before, but this time, we will get a bit more into the details. Restorative yoga is a form of yoga therapy done with the help of bolsters, pillow, blankets and other accessories. Its main purpose is to relax the body, improve health, find inner peace, renew and even meditate. It is recommended for both people with health issues and for c
ompletely healthy ones and, with the help of bolsters, it can get very easy and comfortable.

A high-quality rectangular cotton yoga bolster with round edges and sturdy stitches is a good choice for striking some restorative yoga poses. You can look for one that is made of cotton through and through, has a non-slippery surface and is firm, without being rigid. Such bolster is intended to keep your back straight without any discomfort and allow you to be present minded.

1. Salamba Balasana

Also known as the Supported Child’s Pose, this restorative yoga pose is meant to gently massage your internal organs, helping with digestion. It is also favorable for back relaxation and finding inner peace. You can put the yoga bolster directly on the floor, but also position it on an incline and further support it with yoga blocks in the middle, on its widest side and on its long edge at the top. The added cushioning of the bolster helps you stress less your hips and achieve a healthy, comfortable pose for relaxation and meditation.

2. Viparita Karani

Also known as the Legs-Up-the-Wall pose, this restorative yoga pose is recommended to those who want to alleviate pain and tension in tired legs and feet. It helps restore the blood and air circulation throughout your body, as it gives your heart its much-needed rest. It calms down the nervous system and helps you re-find your body’s balance after travelling or sitting down many hours in a row. Your lower back will thank you for choosing a firm yoga bolster which doesn’t slip.

3. Savasana

The final pose and one of the most common ones in yoga practice, the Savasana is mostly known as the Corpse’s Pose. While it is usually done without a yoga bolster or props, but if you have the time and want to achieve as much relaxation and inner comfort as you can, try the pose with the help of a bolster. In this case, the yoga bolster can be also accompanied by a blanket for even more support. You can try an alternative pose – the Side-Lying Savasana. Both poses are effective in relieving fatigue, with the added benefit that the Side-Lying Savasana is recommended to those who need a bit of help with digestion.

A reliable yoga bolster can help you strike many different yoga poses to boost your health, help you relax, heal and meditate. Which of these restorative yoga poses is your favorite?

Yoga Bolster