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3 Wrist Exercising Tools to Improve Your Hand Mobility

Wrist Exercising Tools

Wrist Exercising Tools

We are very much inclined to work our bodies to either lose weight or improve our muscles tone and functioning. We work our arms and legs, we try to build muscles, enhance the health of our tissues, become more flexible, stronger and fit. But many times people neglect their wrists, vulnerable to pain and stress, affected by numerous health issues and subdued to pain, stiffness, and swelling. Today we will take a look at wrist exercising tools to improve your hand mobility and alleviate the pain produced by spending hours using a keyboard, driving, carrying heavy loads, drawing or performing daily activities.

Wrist Exercising Tools:-

1. Home Motion Exercises

You may feel your wrist, palm and fingers tired and swollen or you may feel pain when simply trying to open a jar. You may feel pain after long hours spent at the computer or behind the wheel as well. In order to regain your hands’ mobility, you need to exercise them slowly but deliberately, to avoid injury. There are some home range-in-motion exercises you can do every day in the comfort of your living room:

  • Wrist extension and flexion
  • Thumbs flexion and extension
  • Hand / fingers tendon glides
  • Wrist supination/pronation
  • Wrist ulnar/radial deviation

2. Use a Hand Grip Strengthener

This is not a new device, but it is still one of the best out there helping you to rehabilitate from injuries and allow proper hand and wrist therapy. The grip strengthener allows you build strength in your fingers, wrists, elbows and forearms while relieving stress and pain at the same time. The feeling of numbness or stiffness in your hands will slowly fade as you strengthen your grip – house activities and chores will also become easier and easier in time. While such a device is usually recommended to athletes who need firm and strong hand grips, you can also use it at home to regain your hands’ strength and mobility, as specialists consider it to be among the best wrist exercising tools out there.

3. Use a Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

Such a spinner gyroscopic wrist and forearm exerciser look a bit futuristic, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t let it go. You need to spin your hand as fast as you can so you can bring the spinner up to 10,000+ RPM and then let it do its magic. The device then takes over and builds resistance by angular momentum built up through a spinning mass and the trick is for you to be able to coordinate your wrist rotation to the momentum and timing the rhythm of the rotor’s gyration. It may be hard to use at first, but after a few minutes of use you will feel your wrist, hand, fingers and forearm deeply working. The best part of this tool is that a few minutes of training a day equals with hours at the gym.

 These are just a few wrist exercising tools and tips you can use to improve your hands’ mobility, regain strength, alleviate pain and increase hands’ flexibility, whether you are a professional athlete or not.