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4 Reasons to Use the Stamina Compact Strider with Cords

Stamina compact strider

Stamina compact strider

How many times did you tell yourself that you needed some physical exercise or some cardio routine? And how often did you decide to finally pay that monthly gym subscription, only to realize you will never go there? Exercising at home has become the next best thing for people who are aware they need some form of exercising and responsible enough to know that at least one hour of exercise per day can save their life. So let’s see today a piece of equipment we are really fond of as a home alternative to the gym: the Stamina compact strider with cords.

1. It is easy to use

In fact, it is so easy to use, you won’t have any excuse not to train your sedentary body at home while you watch TV or listen to some music. Some might say this is the home-gym dedicated to the lazy ones, and they might be right. However, the lazy need exercise too, on their own terms, so take the strider out of the closet and work your legs, thighs, and buns while seated!

2. It is easy to store and transport

This piece of equipment is compact, lightweight and incredibly portable. You can keep it in a small space in the closet or even behind the sofa. You can pedal your way to health and body toning in the middle of your living room and make it disappear in seconds if visitors happen to pass by your home. Step up your game and take it to work. If you are the type of person spending endless hours seated at a desk, just discretely take it out your bag, slip it under the desk and work out while filling those reports!

3. It does indeed work your whole body

Maybe we should have started with this reason… The Stamina compact strider with cords helps you stay in shape, engage in those cardio exercises to burn some calories and boost your health, strengthen your legs, thighs and buns or to trim your waist. Moreover, if you go for the detachable resistance tubes, you can work your upper body as well (arms, chest and shoulders).

4. It is not invasive

You may have some back problems keeping you out of the gym for good or some knee issues preventing you from going out for a run. The strider is sturdy indeed, made of steel, with non-slip pedals and padded handles and it won’t hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable under any circumstance.

This Stamina compact strider comes together with an electronic fitness monitor to count your strides, exercise time and burnt calories. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it!

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Stamina compact strider