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4 Ways to Have Fun and Burn Calories after the Holidays

(Burn Calories)

Burn CaloriesEvery year after the winter holidays, many people realize they put on some weight. There’s nothing wrong with it per se, as this is what the holidays are for: rest well, eat well, and charge your batteries for a new year of work and challenges. But those extra pounds are indeed troublesome and they have to disappear fast. Want to burn calories while having fun and maybe discover a new passion or hobby? Here is how!

(Burn Calories) Dancing

You may have always considered you had two left feet, but that’s only in your head. Dancing is one of the best physical activities you can engage in to learn new things, meet new people, lose some weight and have the time of your life. You need a bit of courage and some comfortable dancing shoes. It is a super fun way to spend some free time and burn calories (hundreds of them!) in one session only. Think about it this way: 15 minutes of dancing burns more than 100 calories!

Home Exercises

This doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Well, it can be if you choose the proper tools to work on those abs of yours in a very comfortable and easy manner. You can pick an ab wheel which is proved to work miracles. Make your own training program in your own time and terms. Too tired to go to the gym after work? Try a professional ab wheel that comes with free video tutorials and get a good workout every day at home. It can’t get easier to burn calories than this.

Rope Jumping

This is not an exercise dedicated only to kids. Adults can practice it too with the best of results. In comparison to other types of physical exercises, rope jumping works your entire body, from arms’ muscles to abs and bottom. It also corrects your back position and your overall body posture. It’s cheap, it’s fun and you can mix it with a little bit of your favorite music. Cherishing childhood memories while losing weight is more than fun!


Did you know you can burn around 800 calories in only one hour of swimming? This life-saving sport is one of the most beneficial for weight loss, muscle toning, body posture and bone strengthening among others. It is also incredibly fun, especially when you practice it together with friends or family members. Group fun and sports, what can be better?

If you want to burn those Christmas stakes and cakes, try one of these fun activities! Are you fond of others which work great to burn calories? Let us know in the comments section!