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5 Water Exercise Accessories for Therapy and Fitness

Water Exercise Accessories
Water Exercise Accessories

Swimming and water exercising are some of the healthiest and complete physical activities possible. They tone up your whole body, strengthen your muscular and bone systems, improve mobility, blood flow, heart rate and alleviate pain caused by injuries. But if you want to step up your game, today we will look at 5 water exercise accessories to keep you fit, strong and healthy. They are useful in fitness programs and in therapy ones as well.

1. Water Barbell

Such barbells are dedicated to all those who want to maximize their water workouts. They tone and strengthen the arms, chest and shoulder muscles, while building flexibility and endurance. Try finding some anti-slip EVA foam ones and make sure you also get a soft, padded grip. They are adaptable to a wide range of water exercises, such as punches (out and down), sweeps, chest presses, arm curls, hammer curls and even bicycle rotations.

2. Buoyancy Belt

A high quality active water exercise buoyancy belt helps water joggers to keep their posture and ease the exercise. It helps suspend the body vertically in water, thus toning your abdominal muscles without forcing you to do any sit-ups – you will push your abs to maintain correct posture naturally. This is one of those water exercise accessories which also play a therapeutic role. People with osteoarthritis or sports knee injuries have an easier way of jogging in water without any pain at all. It also helps people build leg muscles, being recommended in diet exercise, post-knee surgery recovery and regular fitness maintenance programs.

3. Water Noodle

Don’t think about Chinese food! Swim noodles are the new rage when it comes to water exercise accessories, even if they are not new as concept. The new generation of noodles is used in water aerobics programs. They help people float head above water while exercising their arms and legs. Injured athletes place the noodles around their backs and under their armpits to be able to move freely, as if they were running, but avoiding pain. Such item is also a perfect swimming trainer: it helps you exercise your flutter kicks, backstrokes, sidestrokes and so on.

4. Ankle Weights

Such water exercise accessories are indeed dedicated to the experienced ones, helping them achieve intense workouts. Since you have to pull even more weight when you swim or do water aerobics, the ankle weights help you strengthen all your muscle groups, burn more calories and improve body alignment. Keep in mind that this is an intensive sports technique and you should use the accessories under supervision.

5. Aqua Ball

We have talked about exercising with balls, and the same principles apply when you strengthen your muscle groups with water-dedicated inflated balls. Moving the ball underwater definitely improves body resistance and exercises your arms and abdominal muscles. There are tons of aerobic exercises done in water with such balls, so all you have to do is watch some tutorials or ask your water fitness instructor.