Adidas 200 Pound Stack Home Gym

Adidas 200 Pound Stack Home Gym
Adidas 200 Pound Stack Home Gym Reviews


Adidas 200 Pound Stack Home Gym Review

The Adidas 200 Pound Stack Home Gym appears to be a well thought out, designed and constructed home gym that will give you an excellent whole body workout. However, it does not come with any workout programs, which may leave people new to using home gyms a bit in the dark as to how to efficiently get the most out of this equipment to increase their fitness. However, those experienced with this type of equipment should find it to be everything they need to give them a total workout.

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Note ! This Product is now discontinued. For other great Home Gyms we Recommend these

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The padded workout bench and foam roller pads makes this home gym extremely comfortable to use in terms of working out.

Workout Programs

While the Adidas home gym does come with a lot of different workout options, it really doesn’t come with any actual programs, though users can order videos of workout programs for other home gyms to use with this one.

Resistance Levels

The pulleys and weights offer several different resistance levels however there is no resistant weight gauge to tell just how much resistance you are getting.


This home gym comes with a 2 year on parts manufacturers warranty

Dimensions & Weight capacity

183cm X 105cm X 212cm or

72” X 42” X 83.5”

Designed for use by people who weigh 135kg/300 pounds or less.


There are limited reviews for the Adidas home gym scattered over the Internet. However, the reviews are extremely positive with most users feeling that this home gym was an excellent buy. Several users did spend a lot of time explaining how many different parts there were to assemble, and the amount of time it took to put this home gym together. However, other than being time consuming most users didn’t find the assembly too difficult.

When it comes to actually using this home gym users find that this gym really gives them excellent whole body workouts. They especially like the fact that this home gym is suitable for two or more people to use, as it accommodates different heights and weights and even different workout goals.


There are a couple of complaints regarding this home gym.

Some users found that the weight gets stuck at the top making a smooth workout quite difficult – this can easily be fixed by anyone who can handle duct tape. If you don’t do this it can become dangerous, when the weight it’s coming down uncontrolled.

Other users felt that despite the stated weight limit the actual dimensions of this gym made it difficult for people above average size to use comfortably.

Important to stress is, that the weight stack has actually not 200 pounds of weights. Only 140 pounds are directly visible. 60 pounds appear as resistance in the cable. So it is not that easy to figure out, how many pounds you are actually lifting – you always have to do your little “weight calculation”. Furthermore there is not weight gauge, but you can help yourself by labeling the wheight stack.


Overall, the Adidas home gym seems to be an extremely useful piece of exercise equipment that most users like and would recommend to others.


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Adidas 200 Pound Stack Home Gym