10000 repetitions and no success

Big Guy  sweating on the bikeThe subject of fat loss implies lots of misunderstandings. Many people believe to lose you weight have to do month-loooong-cardio training or you have to remove fats from your Nutrition completely.
In reality, however, Strength Training “melts” fat the most. Strength training is intense and demanding. In the body it creates a lack of oxygen in the muscles, which has to be replenished again. This in turn takes a lot of energy.

How muscles growth

If your body recovers from training, your fat stores were dissolved into energy (unfortunately not belly fat ;o) and faty acids were released “as fuel” into the the blood. Moreover the body start repairing the minimal injuries, which were caused by the training and more calories are burned. This effect is quite strong, when you train with weights. This can lead to an additional calory burn for up to 48h – after ending the exercize.

When you go jogging, you might burn extra calories for 30 minutes (adding the time for the jogging). If case you are already muscular, the effect is even bigger – so you can stay slim much easier, because keeping the muscel mass needs energy, too. Higher muscle mass is associated with a higher metabolism, the more muscle you have, the more improved your body can decompose fat.

Pause – but short

If you choose weight training to lose fat, you need to keep the breaks between the sets quite short (around 45 seconds). But, the intensity remains high. Also, make sure that you do the repetition until muscle failure. That means, that you can’t repeat a single set (with good technique, of course) – even if someone gives you $100 !! In this way you can make sure, that you sufficiently rack your muscle fibers to obtain the sartorial energy.

But even if you keep all the mentioned “wisdom” in mind, you are lost – but why?

If you always repeat the same workout, your body gets used to it and the body doesn’t respond to the stimulus any longer and the growth is receding. So what to do now? This is easier than you think – just find a second exercise plan – other muscle groups would be at best. If you complete a cycle of 4-5 weeks with the first training plan, just can start exercize programm #2. If you follow your plan alternating, you will never have the problem of 10.000 repetitions and no success