5 Ways to Burn Fat Quickly

Lose weight quickly, but how? The weight has to go – definitely! Although summer is over: The next spring will come! And a great physique is often our greatest wish.
Think - how to burn fqat more effectively?
You may become desperate, when the beloved shirt is suddenly super tight and little love handles are visible and you would like to lose weight as quickly as possible. So that you can enjoy your life relaxed and in good shape. We show you 5 ways to burn fat quickly and effectively. Combine these simple tricks in your workout and/or start from today, the “fataway-program”.

1. Strength Training
and burning fat go always hand in hand. The great advantage during strength training is the so called afterburn. That  means, that although you have increased metabolic activity after intensive exercise, with also increased fat burning even at rest!

2. Running
is a great discipline to burn fat. Our tip: Combine your endurance- with strength training. So you get fit and gain strength in one go. By the way – the endurance training should be more than 30 minutes so release the afterburn.

3. Evenings without carbohydrates
Make sure that you don’t eat carbohydrates in the evening. Those are in potatoes, pasta, rice and bread etc. as well as in snacks or an the popular evening beer. Beer also raises the appetite, so its even more difficult to resist. The additional
calorie intake thereby release  body-insulin -which stopps the fat burning proces.

4. Interval Training
can be done in various forms for example, on the treadmill, bike or with the skipping rope. Keep in mind : There is a load and a recovery phase. This type of training is not only ideal to burn fat, interval training also protects the heart.

5. Wake up-sport

Getting out of bed and exercise in the morning! Start before breakfast with the workout and burn more fat. Plan to do about 35 to 45 minutes. But be sure to include a short session of warm up and stretching especially in the morning.

With those strategies, you achieve maximum fat burning.