10 main ways to sabotage your workout – part2

Part 2 (today it’s 4-6)

You read the first part and you find yourself thinking : Yes, I sometimes have these symptoms. Maybe Nick and Gil can help me inpromve my training. Let’s check the 2nd part with the main causes of self-sabotage:

4. Train too long

You are currently so stressed out, that you put your 3-body-parts-exercise into one 2 hours workout?

In this case, please put at least 2 training days and give up your split training. So you „fall back“ into the training of the full body. It’s not better to exercise for much more than an 45-60min. Your carbohydrate stores and gone, you start loosing fat – but just a little(!) – but the big disadvantage is : you lose energy. You get weaker and weaker, because of the lack of energy. So you have to eat and drink something in between the workout – which adds much more time etc.

All this can lead to health problems :

  1. Stress hormones are released during the training – which supports chronic deseases
  2. The expected micro-rupture of muscle fibres can’t heal and you don’t gain muscle, but feel sore all the time.
  3. You immune system gets weak and you are much more often sick and feel tired.

So better go back to your advanced practitioners split traing and invest more time into your body and your health.


5. Training with too high frequently (Overtraining)

You started recently with a hard 4-5 days fitness schedule. Awsome! Good to see that you emproved. But wait a sec – didn’t you start exercising 6 weeks from now?? Ah, Ok, you’ve lost your patience and want to become the incredible Hulk in 1 year. Hmm! That’s possible, but you have to give up your liver and your testicals and start cancer prevention. That would be too much? Yep, you are right. Lou Ferrigno – the incredible Hulk – sculpted his body in much more than 10 years of training and (!) he took (nowadays illegal) testosterone pills. So you can imagine, that you plan can only lead to overtraining and frustration, or in worst case – injuries. But how do I recognize overtraing? Well, there are some hints here and there and – I’ll give you just the top3:

  1. Motivation: You lose your drive to work-out. The way to the gym seems endless and you find yourself often do excuses instead of reps.
  2. Results: You have the impression: I train harder, but I can’t „convert it“ into muscle. This could also come from dieting and working out at the same time (pro-bodybuilders do that 6 weeks before a competition). So your energy has to be in balance – you can’t burn more than you take in (only short term to fry ome body fat).
  3. Sickness: You are often sick and tired – much more than usually (also caused by not enough sleep). Your immune system dwindles down, you don’t listen to your body enough. Plan more recreation time between your training days. Keep your wokout schedule, eat more vitamines and take time for sleep.


6. Not sleeping enough (the secret supplement)

You exercise 3-4 times a week, eat well, count you calories, put emphasis on your carbohydrate intake, but you don’t gain enough? Hmmm, actually you do everything right, but (!) while exercising you do small damages to your muscle, you eat and the body start the reparation – (mostly) while you are sleeping. So the workout doesn’t make you stronger, you have to make sure, that you sleep enough, so that your body can do the repair and(!) put some extra tissue on the muscle to strengthen it. I think you know already, what I mean, when you had a hard training and you could sleep more than 8 hours afterwards. You wake up and feel recovered – Ok, not that much that you could do the same training now, but you feel much better, when sore and achy has gone.

Especially when you do HIIT-training and follow the advice of McGuff and Little in their book „Body of science“ – they recommend a puas of 1 week or more between the trainings, but at the workout you push your body very very hard. So the question arises: How many hours is enough.? It’s the classic 8 hours of good quality sleep. I know, you have other things to do and you are busy, so don’t „blame yourself“ and call yourself a „hard-gainer“, when you think that 6 hours are enough – i told you so ;o)

To have just a short time to sleep can cause overweight, because you hormones, especiall y leptin, wihc regulates your appetie and the metabolism may end up in a stronger appetite. And when you don’t train any more, to put up extra pounds.

Ok, there is a possibility to sleep fewer hours in a row. Just take naps throughout the day, whenever it’s possible. No it’s not cheating, but see it as a kind of extra-supplement, which makes you much stronger than all the other stuff. And yes, it sounds easy – it is actually easy and the best thing is – it’s free.