The best tips to fight cravings

The importance of metabolism

The metabolism is enormously important for our well being and our health. But what does it mean to have a metabolism anyway?

Each body needs energy for all processes, and the metabolism ensures that the purpose is supplied by calories burned.

The Metabolism (or energy metabolism) is provides by our body itself to convert food into energy. The conversion of energy, however, is individual to each of us.

The more muscle we have, the higher is my basal metabolic rate and my metabolism is more active in comparison to a low muscle tone.

With regular strength training I can raise the muscle mass by one to two kilograms and have 40 to 60 percent more power.

Endurance training, which is training in the aerobic zone (the so-called fat burning mode) with keeping the individual heart rate, can increase the basal metabolic rate. This works also against an age-related weight gain.

Why is that? Because the muscles simply burns more calories than fat. If the amount of muscle mass higher than the proportion of body fat, the BMR increases, and the metabolism works faster. As a example, I like to choose the comparison of the engine of a car. If the motor is set too low, the engine will stop after stuttering.

What’s basal metabolic rate (BMR)?

The basal metabolic rate is calculated when the body is at rest. That is the situation when I wake up in the morning without having to move.

What is your BMR? Simply multiply your weight by 20. For example, you weigh 53 kg x 20, then you have a BMR of about 1060 kcal.

Would you be all day did not move, so your basal metabolic rate would move in hibernation mode. What would you take on this day more than 1060 kcal, then you put on weight automatically.

Keep metabolism up to speed

The most important task for you is – a balanced diet. So I recommend more awareness in the selection of food. Here please pay attention to the ratio of healthy fats (30 %), carbohydrates (40 %), fiber (25 %), protein (30 %). All these are macro nutrients. Please be awary to keep a stable relationship between the macro- and micronutrients , which are vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

Your living and the foods you eat play an important role in your metabolism. So keep your metabolism going.

To increase your daily protein intake (which also fills you up), but also increases the body heat production. The metabolism starts running at full speed when he gets proteins, I recommend to increase vegetable protein intake, which are easier to process for lots of people.

When eating protein rich food, the metabolic activity is higher than the activity with sugar or fat, because the body needs to burn more energy just to digest protein. A very positive aspect is that protein contains less calories and the body must try hard to convert protein into energy.

Soja nuts instead of chocolate

Studies show that protein makes happier than the other two macronutrients, because the consumption of other protein signals are sent to the brain. This physiological phenomenon is demonstrated in a variety of studies.

The other important reason why protein-rich snacks should be eaten preferably, is that our body needs protein to provide the building blocks for muscle tissue available. And we feel just full, which makes it perfect for those who want to slow their daily food cravings.

In a nutshell, please keep your muscles and/or train to build muscle, so you keep our basal metabolic rate high.

My recommendation:

Just take roasted soy nuts or a protein bar next time instead of chocolate. For breakfast there is of course a delicious soy-protein shake, alternatively, a lactose-free variation, consisting of peas, so even vegetarians get full.