10 main ways to sabotage your workout – part3

You read the first & second part and you find yourself thinking : “Yes, I sometimes have these symptoms”. Maybe Nick and Gil can help me inprove my performance. Let’s check the 3rd part of our session “10 main ways to sabotage your workout – part3” with more reasons, why you self-sabotage, and ways how to avoid it:


8. Texting and other “technical” interruptions

How handy is it to have your music on your phone and you can take it anywhere you are. But what’s that – your friend sends you the latest SMS/Whatsapp/… and the music stopps. At first you lose your concentration, than you lose your momentum. In worst you forgot how many reps you already did. In any case – this set is done. And you stopp to check the message. And you start texting back and a minute later you received another message … seee? Sooner or later you realize “Ooops – I have to warm-up again”.

Moreover, your concentration is gone and you are hardly able to lift heavy – and beat your own “all time best”. So this training was more or less useless – you will not progress in your fitness level.

So the best way to avoid these kinds of destractions is to set your phone on airplane mode. When your training is around one hour, the world will turn, even if you don’t notice. And in case of important problems or you need to be reachable – usually your gym has a landline, and someone who has time to pick it up and answer and/or call you, too. 


9. Talking too much

What was your main intention as you entered the gym. Did you want to change your body, get a healthier life, … or find some new friends?

Having a workout buddy can be great if you motivate each other, but talking during your exercise is pure self sabotage. It will decrease your metabolism and the resting time between the sets will increase and the fat burning effect of weight lifting, too.

When you are talking, your focus switches from the exercise to the conversation. This can lead to injuries due to lack of concentration. And injuries can give you pain for weeks, where you have to recover. So if you have a motivating training partner, this is great, and it can help you to reach far more, than working out alone. BUT (there is always a BUT ;o) in case you (both) want to talk – save this smaltalk to the (hoipefully short) rests between the strain.


10. Trying others’ exercises

Often you see the “big gorillas” in your gym and think – oh, this would be great to become that big soon. And then you see his workout and think “…ah interesting move – I will try it myself”. But unfortunaltely noone showed you this new exercise and the important details concerning posture and necessary flex of muscles to avoid errors and pain. As a personal trainer, I see this kind of mirroring all the time. Even Beginners want to copy their “idols” to become big – fast. Sometimes they even take the same amount of weights as the “big guys”. But at the same time, I tell people, NOT to copy someone else’s exercise, but to meet your trainer to discuss if it’s not possible to implement another exercise into your program.

This is far better than being injured for weeks … and moreover … if you try to copy and hurt yourself and everyone noticed that – you appear STUPID !!! when you are not ready for it ;o)