7 Reasons to start – Rowing

Rowing not Spinning

All over the country the people are at gyms and want to start the new year (resolution?). One of the main exercises, which currently hits the spot especially in our gym is rowing. That’s the reason, why the training gear is always crowded. But is this true? As fitness instructors, we are convinced about the physical advantages of rowing, but we are certain that you we can surprise you – and make you quit spinning ;o)


1. Rowing works muscles like no other type of cardio.

The rowing movement hits 40 percent of your core muscles and 15 percent of your arms or upper body. Legs do the rest of 30 percent. In this list we assume, that you do the correct movement (ask your instructor!!). Which is:

  • Your feet are flat on the footrest
  • Your knees are bents and your heels are slightly raised
  • Your arms are stretched out, holding the rowing handle
  • Now start pushing with your legs until they are fully extended
  • Then you lean back slightly and you start pulling the handle to straight to your chest
  • and the same movement in reverse

2. With rowing you are able to burn 700-800 calories in only 1 hour.

This high amount has one main reason. It’s a full body workout, but only one movement. In contrast to other exercises you don’t separate in “muscles groups” or concentrate on “trouble spots” but train your whole body. So using rowing as just a means to warm up – the potential of this gear is underestimated.

3. Rowing has low impact on your joints

Some of my clients suffer from serious joint problems, so running is not an option for the time being. Rowing is a good alternative to exercise without moving your bodyweight each time. When you want to become fit again, say you fall behind due to the christmas season, rowing is a good start to catch-up again.

4. Rowing is not a “single sport”

In our gym we had a rowing session this week held by our spinning instructor and it worked the same way. In case you are at home alone, you can go online and find rowing partners. Some fitness gear come with these feature.

5. Rowing shapes your abs, too

In case you are keen on concentrating on your six-pack, you can put in rowing into your schedule, too. Because each rowing movement contracts your abdomen with each movement. You can find out if you are doing the movement correctly, by concentrating on your abs, thinking “Do I feel a movement in my abdomino?” – if so, you do the correct rowing movement.

6. Rowing stretches your back.

Besides the abdominal movements – with rowing you you’re stretching your back and also hamstrings. As a consequence, Over time, you may find out, that you can move even farther without pain. So no extra stretching sessions after your ”lat-pulls” ;o)

7. Rowing supports your posture.

In case you do the movement correctly, you open up your shoulders and chest, and you use muscles of shoulders and back. Over time you can figure out, that this improves your posture, too. As a side- effect, it makes  you stand taller.