Why drinking water matters …

Water looks harmless, but I has a big effect on our well-being as on our health, because we consist of over 70% of water. Our task is to keep this balance – to feel good, don’t have headache, flush out the toxines we consume with our nutrition and most importanty help our body to grow muscle  mass.

What is the minimum?

Following recent studies we are drinking not enough – around 4-5 cups of water each day (around 8 cups is recommended). So this is about 50 percent of the amount we should get each day. Some of you say – drinking is not the only thing that contains water. We also “drink” while eating. But even this is not enough, because the body has to process the food – which needs liquid, too. After a while we gian this fluids, but for the time being we are have deficits.

For some of you – the recommended amount of over 2 litres is much to much. They say “drinking 2 litres of water each day is a burden”. But what if you drink water like watching TV. Just buy you a bottle of water and start carrying this bottle wherever you are. With this buttle in hand you start drinking more. In the beginning just litttle drats here and there, but throughout the day the bottle gets empty. It’s the same principle as watching TV – you do tons of other stuff while sitting in front of the TV, don’t you? So the TV gets into the background and you just think you’ve seen the news. In reality you surfed the web, ate some sweets, called your friends etc. With this taktic it will become easy to drink 2 litres of water or more. Try this – you will see the results very soon – and you feel better and you are much more concentrated.

You can easily check if you drink enough throughout the day, by checking the color of your … urine – funny isn’t it? When the color is like orange soda pop or light yellow, it’s perfect. In case the color is more like old apple juice and a little smelly, you need to drink more water, so your kidneys can work better.

Effect of drinking water in the gym

Especially when you are sweating in the gym, the bottle of water is very important. In case you like you body being recovered from the strain quickly, looks younger and you can reach new maximum strength. Do you know the feeling, when your body is exhausted and you try to reach the next strength level, but you can’t? The body doesn’t feel a 100 percent confident – there is something missing. This feeling leads to uncertainty and makes you a little nervous – you start doubting and lose this attempt to exceed your latest plateau.
The most important task is to keep the fluid level constant, when you are working out in the gym. If not, your concentration goes down and you can’t work out with full strength.

Drinking and dieting

Do you know the feeling, when you are a little hungry and you start thinking, where the nearest portion of food ist stored? Yes ! that is exactly the time, when you start to drink something – drinking makes you feel full. Ok, just for a short period of time – and I mean water – not sweet soda pop!! Often times you feel hungry, but you are actually thirty. So before opening the fridge – just start to drink some water. Important is that this “something” has NOT any specific taste. Because – in case of sweet taste, it starts the craving for sweet things. So if you start drinking – it should fill you put for the next approx. 30 min.

Drinking water is boring

Drinking just simple water seems boring for lots of people, because of the missing taste. For those people there is a simple but very effective way to “pimp” the taste. Just start preparing your favorite tea. Let it cool down and do NOT but sugar in. In case it’s as cold as water you can fill you bottle and you can carry it with you. So you have your favorite (tea) taste always with you. So people prepare sparcling water, which also doens#t have specific taste, but this would be fine. Other sources of water are also accceptable, like coffee, milk or other drinks. They can be processed quickly by the the organs. Fruits, vegetables and other food(s) are also fine by they take a little longer to provide the body with water, and you always have the problem of processed food(s) or sugar or other artificial falvors in those food(s)  – so please be aware and stay with the “original”.