4 popular fitness myth – sabotaging your training goals

Improving your overall fitness is no easy task. You not only have to change your eating habits, you also need to get in exercise which can often seem difficult for many people. All too often people set forth their fitness goal only to sabotage them by buying into the four most common fitness myths. Let’s take look at these myths and discuss how you can avoid buying into them.

myth vs facts

Lack of Time

Most people feel as though there are simply not enough hours in the day. Between work, schooling, activities, and family responsibilities time can often seem to get away from you. This leads many people to believe that they simply don’t have enough time to workout in order to get fit. However, if you put a bit of thought into it, it is actually quite easy to find some time for exercising and working out. You can split that 30 to 45 minute workout time in half and workout a couple of times a day for 15 minutes. For example, you talking a long walk or using the treadmill after work will relieve stress and leaving your feeling energized throughout the night.

You can also find ways to get exercise in while going about your days activities by taking the stairs instead of the elevate at work. Parking at the far end of the parking lot when going to work or doing your shopping and walking or jogging the distance. There are a number of ways to workout, without taking time away from everything else you need to accomplish.

It’s Too Expensive

No doubt you’ve heard it said that gym memberships and personal trainers are expensive, as is a lot of at home fitness equipment. Many people on a limited budget buy into the myth that working out is expensive and beyond their budget. However, there are plenty of ways you can workout that costs little or nothing. Walking, swimming, and riding your bike all can be great ways of building muscle and stamina and cost you next to nothing. There are also a variety of ways you can use items around your house in place of some pieces of fitness equipment. Try jumping robe, running up and down the steps at your library after hours, or lifting various weights cans to get in a bit of strengthen training without buying weights. There are also plenty of free workout videos on YouTube that don’t require you to have any extra equipment when working out.

I Don’t Know What to Do to Get Started?

Most people who are just beginning a fitness routine have a vision in their mind of these long workout sessions with a personal training using the latest in fitness equipment, or walking into a gym and moving from machine to machine many of which they have never used before. However, you don’t need a trainer or to use expensive equipment in order to start getting fit. Walking or jogging, swimming, taking a free dance class, or joining a free exercise class are all great ways for beginners to start building muscle, shedding pounds and increasing their fitness levels.

I Don’t Know What to Eat

With all of the fitness guru’s selling supplements and talking about types of food you should eat, people starting a fitness program buy into the myth that they can’t reach their fitness goals unless they are consuming all the right supplements and exact foods. However, the truth is that if you stick to healthy diet that is low in fats and sodium and sugars and includes plenty of natural foods such as lean meats, fruits, and vegetables and healthy grains. You should also avoid refined foods and try and add leafy greens to every meal.

Taking the time to workout and eating healthy will help you overcome these four myths and make it possible to reach to your fitness goals.