Healthy and easy Weight Loss: Is a Low Carb Diet the ultimate solution for your weight problems? We will show you some tricks how you maintain your weight, change your…

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The idea behind the Paleo Diet is to increase the protein intake and reduce carbohydrates at the same time. As a consequence – it allows muscles to grow, and –…

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Today we check a new and upcoming trend of using Fitness Tracker instead of taking notes with pen and pager. This gear promises the comfortable control of exercises, our sleep…

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  Lose weight quickly, but how? The weight has to go – definitely! Although summer is over: The next spring will come! And a great physique is often our greatest…

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The subject of fat loss implies lots of misunderstandings. Many people believe to lose you weight have to do month-loooong-cardio training or you have to remove fats from your Nutrition completely.…

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