Bosu Sport 55cm Balance Trainer Review

Bosu Sport 55cm Balance Trainer Review
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Whether you are looking to compete in a sport, simply want to build some muscle, or want to shed weight and become more fit, you are going to need to improve your balance and core strength to help improve your endurance and to help prevent injuries. The Bosu Sport 55cm balance trainer is a great device for beginners to use to help them perfect their balance, but it can also be used for a number of more advanced exercises as your fitness levels increase. Best of all, the Balance trainer is fun to use, completely portable and is easy to store.

Features of the Bosu Sport 55cm Balance Trainer

The Bosu balance trainer is a simple device with simple features. These features include:

  • A half balance ball with a flat base
  • Can be used round side up or down
  • The balance ball trainer is idea for improving balance and strengthening core muscles
  • Supports squats, bicep curls, shoulder raises, crunches nd more
  • Stengthen and tones
  • Includes foot pump and exercise manual
  • Improves both physical and metal focus

Additional Information

It should be noted that there is no weight limit given for this balance trainer even on the Bosu site itself, which makes it difficult for those individuals who weigh 250 pounds or more to know if they can use this air filled sphere for exercising. Other than that this balance trainer offers is a device that is very versatile allowing you to use it in a multiple of ways to get the most out of your money.

Users Take

While some users use the balance trainer as well as a balance ball, others use it in place of a balance ball because having one flat side allows them to balance standing up, stand on it while doing squats and other exercisers thus increasing their balance while working out. Overall, users really like this balance trainer and give it good reviews finding the following features beneficial:


  • Exercise Booklet- Several users really liked the exercise manual that comes with this balance trainer and one user even stated that the booklet, gave them more ideas for various exercisers than he got from using one at the gym.


  • Portability- Users who are on the go, love the portability of this balance trainer as it easy to take with them so they can exercise in those budget hotels that don’t offer an exercise room, as well as being easy to store away when not use making it ideal for apartments and small homes.


  • Quality- Users also find the quality of the Bosu Sport 55cm balance trainer exceptional finding it to be or almost to be professional quality as ones found in fitness clubs. ( It should be noted however, that this trainer is smaller that those in fitness clubs.)


Overall, people who purchased this balance trainer find it a useful piece of fitness equipment that is extremely versatile and easy to use for a number of different exercises.

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Bosu Sport 55cm Balance Trainer Review