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Buying a Power Tower: Purchase Tips and Main Features

power tower
power tower

Buying a power tower for your home body building routine should follow a thorough guideline. But besides being of good quality, a power tower should allow you to engage in four main types of exercises for a complete and efficient workout. We continue our fitness shopping guide with a few tips and tricks concerning power towers and the exercises they should make easy for you.

Main Features to Look for in a Power Tower

  • A high-quality power tower should be first and foremost sturdy enough to no wobble or slip while you work your body, no matter how much you weight.
  • Secondly, it should be easy to assemble and disassemble and make it easier for you to set it up when you need it and remove it from your living room or bedroom when the situation calls for such action.
  • It should be easy to store, use and reuse anytime you want.
  • It should come with padded hand grips.
  • It should also sport a sturdy support base.
  • You should feel safe and comfortable at all times thus, you need to look for one that sports back and arm support.
  • A manufacturer’s solid warranty is always welcomed.

Four Main Exercises the Power Tower Should Allow

A multi-purpose high rep power tower – in order to be efficient and usable in the comfort of your home – should allow you to engage in at least four main types of body building and fitness exercises. Of course, a high-quality one will also allow you to expand this area of four basic training routines – provided you get a bit creative as well.

Vertical Knee Raise

The power tower should allow you to engage in efficient vertical knee raises to not only discover your six packs but also work on your abs in a safe and productive manner. As a buying tip, make sure that you buy such a home gym device that is suitable for your height.


As we said, a good power tower should come with padded push-up hand grips to allow you to engage in push-up series to get the best out of your muscles.


Pull-ups will help you strengthen, build and work your arms, so look for a power tower that comes with a multi-grip pull-ups station for exercise variations and narrow, side-to-side and grip-wide ways to better build your arms.

Upper Body Building

Getting a dip station on your power tower means that you are able to exercise your triceps, chest, and shoulders in an effective manner and build a great upper body.

A power tower, if sturdy and of high quality can also help you tone your muscles and tissue, strengthen your bones, boost your metabolic rates and keep your blood flowing, assisting you not only in fitness routines but also in a weight-loss exercise program as well.