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Waist Trimmers for Weight Loss: Do They Really Work?

waist trimmers for weight loss

waist trimmers Waist trimmers are the latest fad in the never-ending frenzy of losing weight without dieting or exercising and celebrities like the Kardashians or Jessica Alba put them into the spotlight as of late. They are, in fact, corset-like garments said to help you lose belly fat and regain …

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Exercise and Hydration: What You Should Know

exercise and hydration water

After a powerful and long workout, you might feel tempted to reach for a drink to replenish the fluids you just lost through sweating and quench your thirst. But with the myriad of sports drinks, enhanced water, energy drinks and others, how do you know to make the right choice …

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Biking for Weight Loss and a Healthier Lifestyle

biking for weight loss

It is easy to think that biking for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle is such an elementary concept no one needs to elaborate on it further. Of course, pedaling burns calories, pumps up blood in your veins, pushes oxygen into the system, tones up muscles and teaches you coordination …

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Power Yoga and Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

power yoga

Yoga has been associated with plenty of body-mind benefits. It is an excellent stress reliever and a terrific practice to regain inner balance, stretch your body, alleviate muscle and bone tension and so on. But yoga is considered too slow and non-intensive to be used as a reliable weight loss …

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3 Tools for Healthy and Effective Sports Massage at Home

Sports Massage

Sports massage is an athlete dedicated type of therapy that is usually employed in a few situations: athletic pre-event preparations, post-event pain relieving, during recovery or as a means of body maintenance. But you don’t need to be a professional athlete or wait until you suffer gym injuries to benefit …

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4 Reasons to Use the Stamina Compact Strider with Cords

Stamina compact strider

Stamina compact strider How many times did you tell yourself that you needed some physical exercise or some cardio routine? And how often did you decide to finally pay that monthly gym subscription, only to realize you will never go there? Exercising at home has become the next best thing …

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The Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+ Review

The Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+

Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, a walker, or an outdoor activities enthusiast, you probably use a running belt or an armband to hold your phone, house keys, money, and other personal items. Sometimes they are useful, but many times they restrain your freedom of movement, not to mention …

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3 Restorative Yoga Poses Supported by Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolster We have talked about yoga poses and yoga props before, but this time, we will get a bit more into the details. Restorative yoga is a form of yoga therapy done with the help of bolsters, pillow, blankets and other accessories. Its main purpose is to relax the …

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