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First Degree Fitness Trident Review

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Construction Quality
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First Degree Fitness Trident Rower

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The First Degree Fitness Trident Rower is a commercial grade, water-based resistance rowing machine that comes at an affordable price point. Its strengths lie in its very smooth, lifelike rowing motion, comfort, accuracy and ease of use.

While there is very little to complain about, we have a couple of suggestions that would make the Trident an even better rower.

Construction Quality

As we have come to expect from First Degree Fitness rowing machines, the build quality of the Trident is excellent. It features a strong oval steel tubing construction, in addition to a heavy duty seat rail and tough polycarbonate tank shell with a triple-bladed stainless steel paddle.

The Trident is also well-designed, as the assemble process is simple (shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes) and best of all it is virtually maintenance free.


The Trident, just like the First Degree Fitness PACIFIC Challenge, features a water-based resistance system. All you have to do is fill up the polycarbonate tank with water and then use the dial to change the resistance level to one of four settings. When the tank is filled to the brim and the highest resistance setting is selected, a workout can be very challenging, even for the fittest of college rowers.

Comfort First Degree Fitness Trident Rower Footplates

While First Degree Fitness have always excelled in offering users a lifelike rowing experience, similar to rowing on the water, comfort is another one of the company’s fortes.

The seat on the Trident Rower is well-padded and runs on precision bearings and Delrin low friction seat rollers, thereby ensuring that it smoothly glides along the heavy duty rail.

The footplates are adjustable to cater to people of varying foot size, and the straps ensure optimal foot placement while keeping your feet securely in place. Similar to to the seat, the handlebar is well-padded in order to eliminate the risk of forming blisters and putting strain on the forearms, wrists and hands.

Computer MonitorFirst Degree Fitness Trident Rower Computer Monitor

The multilevel computer monitor tracks a wide range of data, including time, distance, strokes per minute, 500M split time, calories burned, watts and interval training.

However, while your pulse can be recorded you must purchase an additional accessory to be able to do so, which is frustrating considering the price of the Trident.


Built-in transit wheels can be found on the bottom of the First Degree Fitness Trident Rower for ease of portability and storage purposes.


The Trident Rower is backed by a 10-year tank and seals, 3-year non-wearing mechanical components, 2-year all other components, and 1-year limited warranty.


Length: 84.6”, Width: 31.5”, Height: 39.4”

21” x 20” (Stored Upright)

112 lbs (Shipping Weight)

First Degree Fitness Trident Rower User Reviews

As seems to be the case with all First Degree Fitness Rowers, the Trident hasn’t got many reviews to its name, but all the reviews speak very highly of the machine.

Users say that assembling the Trident is a simple process and shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes. The construction quality is excellent, resulting in the rower being very sturdy. The resistance is easy to adjust. The seat is very comfortable and glides smoothly along its rail. It’s also worth noting that the computer monitor readings are accurate, and that users don’t seem to have any complaints, however minor, although this may have changed since we last checked.

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Any Complaints?

The only thing to complain about is how you are required to purchase an accessory if you want to measure your pulse. Considering the price of the Trident you would think that this would been included.

Anything Else You Should Know?

The Trident Rower is well worth a look at for its durability, comfortable workout experience, and smooth, lifelike rowing motion. While it’s frustrating that an accessory to measure your pulse must be purchased, we wouldn’t let this put you off what is an otherwise excellent rowing machine.


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