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Fitness Tracker Nike+ Fuelband

Tracker promise the comfortable control of your health and give you motivation. This gear registers all movements and provides detailed data of your daily motions.

There are already some trackers from mayor labels on the market. We checked Nike+ Fuelband in practice.

Fitness Tracker Nike+ Fuelband ( 1st Generation )

Nikes+ Fuelband is somewhat bulky, needing to be somewhat larger since this band does have a digital display and also doubles as watch. It comes in three basic colors, black, black ice and white ice. It also comes in three sizes small, Medium/large and extra large. The Fuel band tracks steps taken and calories burned and tracks all types of daily activities such as walking, running, basketball, dancing and more. The Fuelband lets you know how close you come to hitting your goals and even when you exceed them, as well as displays your progress in real time.

Nike+ Fuelband Pros and Cons

  • … is somewhat more bulky and thicker than other trackers due to needing the extra space for the digital display.
  • …  mainly tracks your physical activities.
  • …  can also function as a water-resistant watchand also as a stylish one
  • …  receives about the same user ratings (somewhere between fair and good)
  • …  has more complaints from users regarding the short life of the device, poor battery power, and lack of customer service offered by Nike.


Nike Fuelband offers a digital display that may prove to tad bit more motivational since you can actually track your activities in real time, and it also doubles as watch.