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GMC Denali Road Bike Review 2017

GMC Denali Road Bike 21 Speeds Review

GMC Denali Road Bike Review
GMC Denali Road Bike Review

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GMC Denali Road Bike Reviews: Getting and staying fit doesn’t have to mean spending your time sweating it out in a gym or purchasing expensive high end exercise equipment. While both of these types of exercise can be both helpful and useful, fitness can also be affordable and fun which is what makes including a GMC Denali Road Bike as part of your fitness equipment such a good deal. Not only is this road bike reasonably priced, but it allows you to get out in the sunshine and fresh air either by yourself or with friends, and have the fun of being a kid again while getting a great workout. Here are the features that make the GMC Denali road bike worth looking into whether you are aiming to become more fit or simply want to maintain current fitness levels.

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  • Comes in a variety of frame sizes

  • One of the best features of the GMC Denali Road bike is that it comes in a variety of frame sizes including 19, 22.5, and 25 inches making it the perfect choice for people of varying heights who are looking for a commuter road bike to get back into outdoor bike riding
  • Choice of Sporty Colors-

    Who says a budget road bike has to boring. This road bike comes in several sporty colors including; black/green, black/silver/ blue, yellow/black and gold.

  • 21 Speeds-

  • This bike has 21 speeds which is plenty for an entry level road bike to get a bit of exercise. With the number of different speeds, you can reach speeds of around to 25 to 28 mph on the flats and really work up a good sweat and develop those leg muscles and even burn calories.
  • Aluminum Frame-

  • This bike comes with a rather sturdy aluminum frame which is a bit heavier than the material used in those road bikes designed for serious racing, but slightly lighter than beach cruiser or a mountain bike. In total the bike weighs about 29 pounds, making it fairly light for transporting, but heavy duty enough to use to get in some daily exercise.
  • Shimano Derailleurs and Shimano Revo Shifts-

  • These Derailleurs and s
    hifts makes for easy gear changes while on the move.
  • High Performance 700c tires-

  • These are thin 29 inch wheels which are standard on most road bikes.
  • Steel Forks-

  • While the main frame of the bike is lightweight aluminum the forks are steel adding overall durability to this budget priced bike.
  • Water bottle holder

  • Since it is important to stay hydrated while working out, the GMC Denali road bike comes equipped with a water bottle holder, so you can keep hydrated no matter how long you ride.

Initial Impressions

The GMC is a sporty looking bike that is designed for those on a budget who wants a good quality road bike they can use for commuting purposes or simply because they want to enjoy riding a bike as part of an overall fitness plan. While this bike lacks the quality parts to make it a dedicated racing bike, it appears to be ideal for those just looking for a bike to add to their other exercise and workout equipment.

What the Reviews Say

Reviews from various review sites around the net give the GMC Denali road bike good overall marks. Those who are less than enamored with bike, seem to have unrealistic expectations, looking for the same features and quality of materials in this budget bike, as they would in a bike that cost 5 times as much. However, those users who have more realistic expectation of what then expected from a budget price bike, found this bike to be a good bargain for the price and some were actually pleasantly surprised with just how good of quality this bike is considering the cost. But just read the first hand experience of David Littlejohn who travelled across the USA with this bike (6261 km).

Features users especially like include:

  • Smooth comfortable ride- Most users expected a bike in this price range to be uncomfortable, and the lack the quality parts to give them a smooth comfortable ride and so were truly surprised by just how smoothly this bike rides.
  • Sharp and Sporty- Users like the fact that this bike looks incredibly sporty and were pleased by the fact that people they met thought they paid much more for the bike than the actual cost.
  • Great Price- Those looking for an entry level road bike were duly impressed with the price of this bike and felt that they got an excellent bargain.


GMC Denali Road Bike Reviews 2017
GMC Denali Road Bike Review

While the GMC Denali road bike is not going to meet the needs of those looking for a professional racing road bike, it is well suited and well priced to meet the needs who want to include bike riding as part of an overall fitness plan or who are looking for a budget price commuter bike. It appears the Kent company did an excellent job of designing and manufacturing a road bike for those people who are on a limited budget.

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GMC Denali Road Bike Review