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Gold’s Gym
Gold's Gym Exercise BikesIf there is a brand that deserves credit for single-handedly bringing back the popularity of exercise bikes – or more specifically, spin bikes – it would have to be Gold’s Gym, thanks in part to the demand of their spinning classes at their gyms. However, the company also design and manufacture traditional, upright exercise bikes.


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Sales – Buying equipment from a well-known brand is always going to be expensive. If having a limited budget factors into your decision-making process, then it’s good to know that Gold’s Gym bikes are often on sale.

Work Out Apps – The company’s bikes have built in programmable work out apps designed by a Certified Personal Trainer. Each bike is also equipped with a generous number of programs and resistance settings, with the exception of their spin bikes, of course.

Eight Week Weight Loss Program – Gold’s Gym make sure that your goals are kept intact, thanks to their patented Eight Week Weight Loss Programs.

Comfortable Seats – These bikes offer excellent support for the back and hips. This is ideal for anyone going through physical therapy.


Difficult Resistance – Even on the lowest settings, Gold’s Gym’s bikes are known to have more challenging resistance levels than stationary bikes of other manufacturers.

Dim Displays – There have been complaints about the bikes’ displays. You need an ample amount of light in the room to see everything clearly.

Quality Control – A lot of units have been returned due to the resistance not working as advertised. Gold’s Gym has good customer service, though, and replace bikes with no complaints.


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