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Kettler Axos P Cross Programmable Elliptical Trainer

Kettler Axos P Cross Programmable Elliptical Trainer 9 out of 10 based on 90 ratings. 5 user reviews.

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The Kettler Axos P Cross Programmable Elliptical Trainer is carefully build and very sturdy (powder coated, high steel frame), which gives the user a wide variety with its 12 training programs and the possibility to set up to 16 resistance levels. Every setting is clearly arranged on the huge console – mostly self-explanatory. With this flexibility you will have fun on all fitness levels. Those levels you are and also on those which will come after some workouts.

A long warranty time completes the package and Kettler gives full 2 years on parts and labor. Some online stores offers only 2 years.


Some users who are very tall (much over 6’1) and need a longer stride than on Kettler Axos (= 15″) may feel uncomfortable while training. The foot plates are adjustable for with 3 positions for different variety of elliptical motions.

Built-in levels make it possible to adjust uneven floors and casters allow an easy relocation of the machine, in case you don’t have a fitness room.

Workout Programs & Console

Kettler offers 12 different training programs. Because of this huge variety anyone should find an appropriate program. Combined with 16 elvels of resistance this covers all fitness levels. You can easily track all measurements on the big and clear  black&white displayKettler Axos Cross P_console

On the heart rate monitor of the console you have everything under your control and can track your progress. Furthermore you can check speed, running distance, time, RPM, energy consumption and a visual alarm may remind you, that you have reached your maximum target heart rate. To track your fitness  improvements you can use the built-in recovery feature which provides a cardio wellness grading index. So you can check each week if your body recovers quicker from the strain. If so, you can “raise the bar” with new challenges.

The engineers at Kettler did a terrific job, because the heart rate is not only measurable by the hand grips. You can also transfer your measurements wireless via an optional chest trap or via an infrared ear clip sensor. So, for all of you who prefer not to have the hands on the stride non-stop (like me), this is a reasonable feature, and it is not common practice within the fitness world. Especially elliptical trainers in this price category offers only hand grip sensor measurement.

Stride length

The stride length is 15″, whereas the footplates are 18″ along their elliptical paths

Resistance levels

16 different resistance levels the offers a good cardio training for most users.


Kettler USA gives full 2 years on parts and labor (residential warranty)


59″ x 27″ x 66″

user should weight up to 287 pounds


The reviews which reflect not only the technical specification, but real customer feedback are positively impressed. The mayority. The users realize that it takes some time to assemble this heavy machine (Kettler estimates 2 persons and around 45 min). Most of the feedback is also positive and very positive about the quality of the workout the Kettler Axos provides.


Only a  few buyers complain about the weight of this equipment and about the time that is needed to assemble the elliptical trainer. The fact that this is only a very small minority of under 10% is a clear recomendation for Kettlers quality.


The Kettler Axos is one of the cheaper elliptical machines but of high quality. The vast mayority of the customer reviews are positive – this is a clear recommendation for this elliptical machine, if you need the above describe features. The facts and impressions, that we could collect and the features that we could test, reflect our clear recommendation  for the manufacturer Kettler and especially the Kettler Axos Cross P Programmable Elliptical Trainer.


Kettler Axos P Cross Programmable Elliptical Trainer

out of 10

based on 90 ratings.
5 user reviews.