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Schwinn 120 upright exercise bike Review

Schwinn 120 upright exercise bike review , Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike Review

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Schwinn 120 upright exercise bike Review

The Schwinn 120 offers excellent value for money. While it doesn’t come with as many programs as the more expensive Schwinn 140 or 150, it’s an excellent choice for those who are on a budget and want to lose weight or stay in shape. Besides its low price, we’d say that its best features are its high level of comfort and range of useful features.


For those who hate spending hours assembling products – fitness equipment or otherwise – you’re in luck, as the Schwinn 120 is very easy to assembly.

While the assembly process will probably take you anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, thanks to the clear, detailed instructions, you shouldn’t run into any problems along the way, especially as you’re given all the tools necessary for assembly.


As mentioned, the Schwinn 120 doesn’t come with as many programs as other, more expensive Schwinn bikes, such as the Schwinn 270. However, you’re still getting a good number of workout programs, and 10 programs should be enough for most.

Programs include 6 Profiles, a Custom, Fitness Test, Quick Start and Results Mode program. These programs all do a good job of varying your workout while keeping things interesting along the way.


16 levels of resistance are included, meaning that it’s safe to say that you should be able to find a setting that is challenging enough for you, even as your endurance and fitness levels improve. However, what we really like is how easy it is to change the level of resistance, as all you are required to do is press a button on the console.


The flywheel weighs 13.2 pounds, which is the norm for exercise bikes in this price range (actually, it’s a little heavier). Therefore, you’ll find that the bike won’t wobble as you cycle, which is always a good thing, but perhaps best of all is the fact that the flywheel has been designed in a way to deliver a smooth pedaling motion, which results in a comfortable workout experience.

CONSOLESchwinn 120 Console

The Schwinn 120 provides feedback on a wide range of useful statistics, such as resistance level, course profile, calories burned, speed, distance, watts, track time, interval time and RPM.

Your heart rate is even recorded thanks to the integrated hand grip heart rate sensors which can be found on the side of the console, which is something that isn’t always the case with budget exercise bikes, so praise must go to Schwinn for this addition.


As stated earlier, the high comfort level of the Schwinn 120 is one of its best aspects. For example, the seat can be adjusted both forwards and backwards as well as up and down (there are 10 adjustment levels), allowing you to get into a comfortable riding position regardless of your height, leg length or body size. The same holds true for the handlebars as well.

Schwinn 120 Foot Pedals

The pedals have also been well designed in order to maximize comfort levels. For a start, they are oversized so it’s unlikely that your feet will slip off as you cycle; but best of all is that they are angled in order to minimize any strain or stress felt on the knees.

Other features include a reading rack, a water bottle holder, and even a 2 speed fan, but this is unfortunately a bit of a novelty, as it doesn’t work very well. Speakers have also been included just in case you feel like listening to music without earphones for a change.


The last thing to mention is how easy it is to store the bike thanks to the transport wheels which can be found on the bottom of the machine.


The Schwinn 120 comes with a better than average warranty: 5 years on the frame, 1 year on mechanical and electric parts, and 90 days on wear parts.


42 x 21 x 52 inches

80 pounds


The Schwinn 120 has been very well received since its release, with users praising the bike’s ease of assembly, minimal noise heard when in operation, construction quality and range of resistance settings when in operation as its strong points.

However, you should also keep in mind that users also think that the computer display can be improved upon.

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As mentioned, due to the skinny font the computer monitor can be hard to read. Also, as is pretty much always the case with fans on exercise equipment, it isn’t powerful enough to be effective.

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