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Keeping in mind that the Sunny Health and Fitness Crazy fit Massager is not an exercise machine, but rather designed to improve overall fitness by improving circulation and balance, helping to improve stamina and bone density, and tone and strength the smaller muscles of the body. While it may help some people shed a few pounds, it is not designed to aid in weight loss. However, as an overall fitness machine, and an accompaniment for other exercise this machine certainly makes the great and just may leave you feeling more fit that you thought possible.


Once you get use to the way this machine works, you should find it quite comfortable. Using it for 10 minutes 2 or three times a day can help relieve muscle pain and simply help you to feel and look more fit.

Workout Programs

The Sunny Health and Fitness Crazy Fit Massager comes with 3 built in workout programs and a body fat scan.

Vibration Speeds

There are 20 vibration speeds. Start on a lower speed and work your way to the higher speeds.


The only Warranty that could be found for the Crazy Fit Massager is 1 year for the motor


13” X 17”

 weight capacity is 250 pounds or less


Reviews for this vibrating massager are quite good with most people being impressed with how functional this massager is given the price. Users find a lot about this machine to like. They find it is fairly easy to assemble and use, although they wish the company would give a few more helpful directions. Once assembled users feel that the machine is sturdy and well built and are surprised at hos quietly it runs.

Users also feel that the Crazy Massager does help them to become fitter. Users have mentioned feeling their circulation has improved, they have become more toned, and they feel less pain from conditions such as arthritis. Some users did even experience a little weight loss.


Most users do complain that this fitness equipment comes with very poor directions for use, and wish that directions would be more clear. Many also find that the computer does not display the correct numbers rendering it ineffective.


This Crazy Massager will not take the place of regular exercise for those wanting to lose weight and become initially fit. However, it is an excellent piece of equipment for helping you fine tune your fitness levels so that you feel healthier than ever before.

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