Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Crazy Fit Bio Shaker Review
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While the Sunny Health and Fitness Mini Crazy Bio Shaker is a well designed and constructed vibration platform. There does seem to be some issues with this company’s quality control department resulting in several consumers receiving defective platforms. While the company or at least the sellers of this product are quick to exchange the defective platforms for ones that actually work, the frequency that consumers receive defective shakers is something to consider. However, the shakers that do work appear to be sturdy and last for at least year of frequent use making this product worth the price especially for those trying to build a home gym on a budget. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to find why it is called Bio Shaker – obviously just a brand name, with no further meaning.


This platform is long and wide enough to be comfortable to use and the adjustable vibration speeds makes it extremely comfortable for most users seeking to improve their overall fitness by using this vibration platform.

Workout Programs

The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Crazy bio shaker does not come with any dedicated workout programs. However, YouTube has several videos that shows you how to use this platform for push-ups, squats and a variety of other exercises for increased intensity.

Vibration Speed

With 20 preset vibrations speed levels it is simple and easy to choose a speed that meets your needs and to increase it as your fitness level improves.


After much research, it appears that this Mini Crazy Fit bio shaker comes with only a short 3 month warranty.


25.5” X 20” X 9.5”

designed for users who weight 275 pounds or less


Reviews for the Sunny Health & Fitness Bio Shaker are quite positive with most consumers feeling that this is a well constructed machine that is easy to use and has several benefits for their health and fitness. Benefits users find when using this vibration platform includes improving blood circulation, relieving leg, back and joint pain, toning muscles and helping people to sleep better.

After using this platform users report feeling more energized and simply feeling more fit over all.


Despite the positive reviews for this bio shaker, there are also some complaints worth considering. Several people who purchased this platform received defective equipment and had to exchange it for one that worked. In addition, several users complained of this platform having a strong smell for the first several days to a week.


The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Crazy Fit Bio Shaker appears to be a budget friendly and good quality vibration platform that has many health benefits for consumers. However, potential consumers need to be aware that this company seems to have a poor quality control department which may result in your puchasing a defective platform that will need to exchange for one that actually works.


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