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Waist Trimmers for Weight Loss: Do They Really Work?

waist trimmers for weight loss

waist trimmers Waist trimmers are the latest fad in the never-ending frenzy of losing weight without dieting or exercising and celebrities like the Kardashians or Jessica Alba put them into the spotlight as of late. They are, in fact, corset-like garments said to help you lose belly fat and regain …

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Fitbit Flex – How Does It Work and How Good Is It?

Fitbit Flex In the world of athletic gadgets, a slim fit product that tracks your daily activity is mandatory – counting your steps, monitoring distances, calories and worked minutes is a good way of keeping your workouts in check. There is a myriad of devices that track your activity, but …

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4 Reasons to Use the Stamina Compact Strider with Cords

Stamina compact strider

Stamina compact strider How many times did you tell yourself that you needed some physical exercise or some cardio routine? And how often did you decide to finally pay that monthly gym subscription, only to realize you will never go there? Exercising at home has become the next best thing …

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Utility Flat Bench Buying Guide: What Should You Look For?

Utility Flat Bench

One high-quality utility flat bench is a great partner for all those who want to train and work their bodies in the comfort of their homes. Versatile and easy to use, a utility flat bench allows you to perform a wide range of exercises including dumbells, barbells, and other sports …

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The FlipBelt Sports Belt Review


FlipBelt All those who are in favor of outdoor sports activities (running, biking, hiking, climbing, gym exercising etc.) know that keeping their hands free while they intensely move and work their bodies is of great importance. Belt pouches, armbands, and fanny packs are some of the most common sports gear …

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5 Fashionable Sports Accessories for Active Trendy Women

fashionable sports accessories

Whether you go to the gym, run in the park or workout in the comfort of your home, you shouldn’t trade beauty and style for comfort. The sports departments for women are loaded with clothes and accessories that are fully functional and stylish. You know what they say, some women …

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Hula Hoop Exercises: Dance, Lose Weight, Stay Fit!

hula hoop dancing

hula hoop exercises What do Michelle Obama, Zooey Deschanel and Beyoncé have in common (besides being awesome ladies)? They are all hot for hula hoop exercises, the new rage in building abs, lose weight, firm your body, dance and channel your inner child. In our times, hula hoops for adults …

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Make the Most out of Your Waist Trimmer Belt

waist trainer belt

A waist trimmer belt is a corset-like garment which allows you to reshape your belt and momentarily gain an hourglass silhouette. Such method of suddenly becoming slim and beautifully shaped is not new – women have been wearing corsets and all sorts of contraptions since forever. Modern waist trimmer belts, …

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