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Waist Trimmers for Weight Loss: Do They Really Work?

waist trimmers for weight loss

waist trimmers Waist trimmers are the latest fad in the never-ending frenzy of losing weight without dieting or exercising and celebrities like the Kardashians or Jessica Alba put them into the spotlight as of late. They are, in fact, corset-like garments said to help you lose belly fat and regain …

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Weight Training for Weight Loss: What Should You Know?

weight training for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss and calorie burning exercises we always think about cardio training, Pilates, yoga, jogging, power walking and so on. We almost never consider weight training as a proper routine for fat loss – and this is because we associate weight workouts with seasoned athletes who …

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Dynamic Resistant Training: Principles and Health Benefits

dynamic resistance training benefits

You may hear many fitness trainers speak about dynamic resistant training – sometimes also called training without weights. In case you were curious about this type of workout, we are here to present you with the basics, detailing on its main principles and health benefits. What Is Dynamic Resistant Training? …

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Power Yoga and Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

power yoga

Yoga has been associated with plenty of body-mind benefits. It is an excellent stress reliever and a terrific practice to regain inner balance, stretch your body, alleviate muscle and bone tension and so on. But yoga is considered too slow and non-intensive to be used as a reliable weight loss …

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Utility Flat Bench Buying Guide: What Should You Look For?

Utility Flat Bench

One high-quality utility flat bench is a great partner for all those who want to train and work their bodies in the comfort of their homes. Versatile and easy to use, a utility flat bench allows you to perform a wide range of exercises including dumbells, barbells, and other sports …

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The Health Benefits of Using a Trampoline for Home Exercise

The Health Benefits of Using a Trampoline for Home Exercise

Trampoline for Home Exercise When was the last time you jumped and bounced on a trampoline, inside the house or in an outdoor environment? Was it childhood many years ago or the gym last week? We have talked about many home exercises and their health benefits and we have discussed …

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3 Wrist Exercising Tools to Improve Your Hand Mobility

Wrist Exercising Tools

Wrist Exercising Tools We are very much inclined to work our bodies to either lose weight or improve our muscles tone and functioning. We work our arms and legs, we try to build muscles, enhance the health of our tissues, become more flexible, stronger and fit. But many times people …

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The Foam Roller: Why and How to Use it for Best Results


Foam roller ( foam roller ) We have talked in the past about turning your own home into a comfortable gym with the help of professional fitness and workout gear. But one thing people think they cannot achieve at home is the good old fashioned professional sports massage, as only …

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