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Exercise and Hydration: What You Should Know

exercise and hydration water

After a powerful and long workout, you might feel tempted to reach for a drink to replenish the fluids you just lost through sweating and quench your thirst. But with the myriad of sports drinks, enhanced water, energy drinks and others, how do you know to make the right choice …

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Weight Training for Weight Loss: What Should You Know?

weight training for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss and calorie burning exercises we always think about cardio training, Pilates, yoga, jogging, power walking and so on. We almost never consider weight training as a proper routine for fat loss – and this is because we associate weight workouts with seasoned athletes who …

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Dynamic Resistant Training: Principles and Health Benefits

dynamic resistance training benefits

You may hear many fitness trainers speak about dynamic resistant training – sometimes also called training without weights. In case you were curious about this type of workout, we are here to present you with the basics, detailing on its main principles and health benefits. What Is Dynamic Resistant Training? …

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3 Top Benefits of Bent-Over Row Exercises

benefits of bent over row exercises

professional T-bar row platform, Benefits of Bent-Over Row Exercises Benefits of Bent-Over Row Exercises professional T-bar row platform Bent-over row exercises (also known as barbell row) make a type of exercise used in bodybuilding or power lifting that targets a wide variety of back muscles and other muscle groups as well. …

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Biking for Weight Loss and a Healthier Lifestyle

biking for weight loss

It is easy to think that biking for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle is such an elementary concept no one needs to elaborate on it further. Of course, pedaling burns calories, pumps up blood in your veins, pushes oxygen into the system, tones up muscles and teaches you coordination …

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Buying a Power Tower: Purchase Tips and Main Features

power tower

Buying a power tower for your home body building routine should follow a thorough guideline. But besides being of good quality, a power tower should allow you to engage in four main types of exercises for a complete and efficient workout. We continue our fitness shopping guide with a few …

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The Health Benefits of Using a Trampoline for Home Exercise

The Health Benefits of Using a Trampoline for Home Exercise

Trampoline for Home Exercise When was the last time you jumped and bounced on a trampoline, inside the house or in an outdoor environment? Was it childhood many years ago or the gym last week? We have talked about many home exercises and their health benefits and we have discussed …

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