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Drinking Water during Exercise: Benefits and Secrets

drinking water during exercise

There is no secret that water is one of those small miracles we need to take more seriously to boost our health and keep it at optimal levels. There is no doctor, nutritionist, athlete or cosmetician to deny the power and benefits of drinking plenty of water on a daily …

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Power Yoga and Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

power yoga

Yoga has been associated with plenty of body-mind benefits. It is an excellent stress reliever and a terrific practice to regain inner balance, stretch your body, alleviate muscle and bone tension and so on. But yoga is considered too slow and non-intensive to be used as a reliable weight loss …

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4 Reasons to Use the Stamina Compact Strider with Cords

Stamina compact strider

Stamina compact strider How many times did you tell yourself that you needed some physical exercise or some cardio routine? And how often did you decide to finally pay that monthly gym subscription, only to realize you will never go there? Exercising at home has become the next best thing …

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The Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+ Review

The Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+

Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, a walker, or an outdoor activities enthusiast, you probably use a running belt or an armband to hold your phone, house keys, money, and other personal items. Sometimes they are useful, but many times they restrain your freedom of movement, not to mention …

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Stay Fit and Live Longer: The Benefits of Water Aerobics

water aerobics

We have talked about water aerobic training before, focusing especially on water aerobics accessories and exercises, but our readers wanted to know more about the overall health benefits of this body workout type. While it is commonly associated with pregnant women and the elder population, water aerobics is a great …

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Hula Hoop Exercises: Dance, Lose Weight, Stay Fit!

hula hoop dancing

hula hoop exercises What do Michelle Obama, Zooey Deschanel and Beyoncé have in common (besides being awesome ladies)? They are all hot for hula hoop exercises, the new rage in building abs, lose weight, firm your body, dance and channel your inner child. In our times, hula hoops for adults …

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3 Pilates Workout Questions and Answers for Beginners


Pilates Workout We all heard about Pilates training as one of the most popular fitness trends of today. What few people don’t know is that Pilates is more than just a type of workout meant to help you lose some weight and reshape your body – it is a lifestyle …

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4 Ankle Weights Exercises You Can Do At Home


Ankle Weights Exercises Ankle Weights Exercises are great fitness equipment pieces you can use to tone your muscles and bones, strengthen your body, improve your balance and even lose some weight. Many men and women perform ankle weights exercises in the comfort of their homes to improve posture and engage …

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