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The Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+ Review

The Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+
The Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+

Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, a walker, or an outdoor activities enthusiast, you probably use a running belt or an armband to hold your phone, house keys, money, and other personal items. Sometimes they are useful, but many times they restrain your freedom of movement, not to mention that some of your items (especially your phone) might not fit in perfectly.

Today we will take a look over a very interesting outdoor sports accessory which impressed us a lot with its versatility and utility: the Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+.

What is the Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+?

This is a waist pouch which connects to your running trousers or even jeans waistband with the help of magnets. The first thing you should know: run or jump, it doesn’t bounce an inch!


  • Incredibly versatile: it works great when you engage in physical activity (running, cycling, walking, aerobics, gym workouts and even yoga) but it is also a great companion for traveling, mountain hiking, music festivals and concerts, shopping and even storage.
  • Its size and design allow you to carry around the following types of phones: iPhone 6, 6S, 6+, 6S+, Galaxy Note 1 to 5, and Nexus 6 among others.
  • You can carry around your passport, hotel keys, money, an inhaler, credit cards, parking tickets, ID and other personal papers, a mp3 player, some gum and so on.
  • Safe and durable, not to mention that its material is a bit stretchy, allowing you to insert your phone and keep it safe.
  • The magnets are strong and attach perfectly to all types of textiles; moreover, it can’t be just pulled out from your waist – a robber would more likely pull your pants off than being able to run away with your pouch.
  • It successfully replaces a day bag if you don’t want to carry a lot of items while going out.
  • It allows complete freedom without having to wear a belt around your waist.
  • It is made of a dry-fit material which prevents chafing, thus keeping you comfortable, dry and carefree as long as you wear it.


  • Depending on how many items you fill it up with, it may weigh down on your shorts a little and slightly pull them off
  • If you want complete security when traveling, you should know that the Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+ is more visible than a money belt – however, you can cover it with the T-shirt or a lengthy top.
  • In case you wear a pacemaker or other electronic devices you should consult with your physician first before using the magnetic pouch.

Is the Running Buddy XL Pouch 6+ Good for You?

If you are into outdoor physical activities, a traveler, a shopper or a music festivals aficionado, the answer is YES! The pouch really eliminates any bounce and is incredibly secure. It has a slim design, it is lightweight and comes with a side-zipper headphone port and a water-resistant inner pocket to keep your items safe from rain or chafe.