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Utility Flat Bench Buying Guide: What Should You Look For?

Utility Flat Bench
Utility Flat Bench

One high-quality utility flat bench is a great partner for all those who want to train and work their bodies in the comfort of their homes. Versatile and easy to use, a utility flat bench allows you to perform a wide range of exercises including dumbells, barbells, and other sports accessories. If you are into weights lifting, bench presses, reverse crunches and much more, then such a bench might be exactly what you were looking for. But how to get the best one on the market and how to make sure a particular product is what you need? We will answer these questions by addressing the most important aspects you need to factor in to make a wise purchase.

What to Look for in a Utility Flat Bench?

  • Building: you should look for one built in sturdy materials like high-density foam, steel, and heavy gauge tubing.
  • Stability: the last thing you want is a wobbling bench to break under you while you lift heavy weights. Look for its recommended maximum weight capacities and make sure it is stable and strong no matter if you use it on the floor or over a carpet.
  • Upholstery: this might not be your first feature to look into, but it is very important. It should be comfortable enough for your body, thin, fit and boxed – so it doesn’t slip under your weight or break after a little bit of wear and tear.
  • Portability: unless you want to use your utility flat bench as a coffee table, you should move it around and store it after you finished your workout routine. In other words, it should be lightweight and compact enough to be carried around the house, stored and placed discreetly out of your way.
  • Accessories: some benches are stand-alone products, but many come together with recommended accessories such as weights, dumbells, and bars. If the price suits your budget go for a full package, especially if it is recommended by the manufacturing company. This will save you time, money and extra shopping effort, especially if you get a discounted price for the accessories.

Before buying a utility flat bench just because it looks good or comes cheap think about its benefits and its potential to determine you to tone your muscle groups, lose weight or boost your health. A good utility flat bench should allow you to engage in several types of exercises and come up with a few new ones. Moreover, think if you can really use it to its maximum potential (to enjoy true benefits you should use it 2-3 times per week). It also should offer great core and lumbar support and present no risks of injuries.

If you are decided you want to choose a utility flat bench over a gym program, remember that before jumping at the first offer, you need to factor in its traits, benefits, warranty policy, price and brand reputation, among others.