Whole Body Vibration Machine Butterfly Shape
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The Whole Body Vibration Machine Butterfly Shape is a space saving vibration machine that is the perfect addition to any home gym. This vibration machine is used to help improve balance, strengthen the body’s core muscles as well as small muscles and simply tone your muscles and provide a wide variety of health benefits from improving circulation to promoting healthier sleep. Well designed and highly functional this machine can take your fitness to a whole new level.


Overall this machine is quite comfortable to use since it has 20 different speed settings that allows you to choose the right speed for your needs. People with balance issues who first start using this machine, may find it less than comfortable without handles to hang on to so that they can steady themselves until their balance improves.

Workout Programs

There are no workout programs that come with this butterfly vibration machine and none are really needed. Some people do use this machine when doing other exercises such as sit ups and even push ups because it makes them work harder burning more calories and helping to build stronger muscles.

Speed or Vibration Levels

The Whole Body Vibration machine vibrates at 20 different speeds. New users are encouraged to start out at lower speeds and gradually increase the speed at which the machine vibrates.


No where could we find any place where any warranty was mentioned for this machine. So you automatically fall back to the limited warranty of your seller – e.g. amazon has a 30days return. The fact that there is actually no warranty led to a strong devaluation


25.5” X 20” X 9.5“
Quite heavy weighing 56 pounds
User should weigh 250 pounds or less


User reviews for the Whole Body Vibration Machine with it’s butterfly shape are quite good with most users experiencing the benefits of using this machine within a short period of time using it. Benefits users mentioned included both increased energy and better sleeping at night. Some users also said that this machine improved circulation in their legs, helped to relieve pain and even helped to slow bone density loss.

Users found this machine to be easy to use and extremely sturdy.


There are relatively few complaints regarding this vibrating machine. There were a few complaints by people who received a different product other than the Whole body butterfly vibration machine. Other than that a few other people received their machine with a cracked case and one or two stated the machine was heavy. However the weight should not have been issue since the weight of the machine is clearly stated on most review sites.

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If you are looking for a vibration machine to improve your overall health and fitness the Whole Body Vibration Machine Butterfly shape seems to meet those needs quite successfully. Besides the missing warranty does not fit to the overall positive impression we got.


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Whole Body Vibration Machine Butterfly Shape
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