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XTERRA MB880 Review


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XTERRA MB880 Review

XTERRA MB880 Review

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XTERRA MB880 Review

Construction Quality

“Built like a tank” as one user puts it, the XTERRA MB880 isn’t likely to break down anytime soon. In fact, according to Xterra, the MB880 incorporates the exact same components found on thousand-dollar outdoor bikes. Considering the bike weighs a hefty 146.5 lbs when assembled and has an impressive maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs, the MB880 can withstand frequent use and will be kept firmly in place as you put it through its paces.

This bike is now discontinued.

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XTERRA MB880 Flywheel

The MB880 has one of the heaviest flywheels we have seen on an exercise bike at 48.4 lbs. To put it as simply as possible, the heavier the flywheel the smoother and more natural the pedalling motion feels, and the MB880 doesn’t seem to buck this trend. The well-designed poly v-belt drive also shouldn’t be overlooked, as it definitely plays it part in keeping things as quiet and as smooth as possible as you cycle.

ResistanceXTERRA MB880 Computer Monitor

Users are unable to change the level of resistance via the computer monitor, which is a bit of a shame, but at least the turn knob is easy to use and changes the level of resistance smoothly. You should also note that the various resistance levels are definitely easy enough for complete beginners or those very much out of shape, and experienced athletes.

Computer Monitor

As the Xterra MB880 is a spin bike there are no built-in workout programs to speak of, but you are able to view your speed, time, calories burned, RPM, and even heart rate via the telemetric enabled device, which is always a plus when compared to contact heart rate grips for their higher degree of accuracy, particularly as you don’t have to buy a chest strap separately.

ComfortXTERRA MB880 Seat

Spin bikes are rarely comfortable, and we always recommend purchasing a gel seat cover to improve things because of this; however, the MB880 does a decent job in providing users with a comfortable workout experience.

The seat, which is said to be anatomically designed by Xterra, can be adjusted fore/aft and up/down to cater to all body types – the same applies to the handlebars which also offer riders multiple hand positions. The pedals are dual sided with a large platform for comfort and stability purposes, but what we really like is how they are SPD compatible, allowing you to use bike shoes if you wish to.

XTERRA MB880 User Reviews

The reviews for the MB880 bike have been positive. Users point to the bike’s construction quality, quiet operation, value for money, smooth pedaling motion, workout effectiveness, and Xterra’s customer service as its strengths. However, users also feel that the bike is heavy, the adjustments could be improved upon, and the computer monitor made more intuitive.

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Any Complaints?

The seat could be a bit more comfortable, although as already mentioned this is unfortunately a problem with all spin bikes. The bike is also very heavy – not really a complaint, as it ensures the MB880 is very sturdy, but you won’t be able to move it easily, even though transport wheels can be found on the bottom of the machine.

Anything Else You Should Know?

As one user puts it, “For this price point and free shipping, it is definitely a great buy.”


XTERRA MB880 Review

XTERRA MB880 Review Click Here to See the Current Price XTERRA MB880 Review

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