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2010 New Year Revolution Crazy Fit Massager Vibration Platform


2010 New Year Revolution Crazy Fit Massager Vibration Platform
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While the 2010 New Year Revolution Crazy Fit Massager Vibration Platform appear to be a well designed and built vibration platform we are a little reluctant to whole heartedly recommend this piece of fitness equipment due to the fact that seems to be so little information available regarding the product. No where could we find, the dimensions or the weight capacity for this vibration platform, nor is there any warranty stated for this machine. The lack of information regarding this fitness machine will make it difficult for potential customers to decide if this machine is suitable to meet their needs.


The 2010 New Year Revolution Crazy Fit Massager vibration Platform is comfortable to use and even comes with a free waist support belt to increase the usefulness of this piece of fitness equipment. It can also be used for just the legs when sitting in the chair.

Workout Programs

The Crazy Fit Massager Vibration Platform does not come with any built in workout programs, nor does it need any since the vibration itself performs muscle toning and improves fitness. However you can exercise on this platform making for a better calorie burn and providing for muscle strengthening.

Vibration/ Speed

There are 20 different speed levels at which this machine vibrates allowing you to choose the speed of vibrations that has the most health benefits for you.


We could not find any warranty for this vibration platform. That means, that in case of problems you are (only) covered by the distributors money-back/replacement-guarantee, like at amazon.com (= 30 days)


We also could find no dimensions for the Crazy Fit Massager

We couldn’t find any information about the weight capacity for users.
This may well make it difficult for potential consumers to decide if this platform will work for them based on their weight.


Ratings and reviews for the 2010 New Year Revolution Crazy Fit Massager Vibration Platform are extremely positive despite the lack of important information. Users not only find this platform to be sturdy but to offer them a number of health benefits as well.

Users state that this massager vibration platform helps relieve all type of pain covering various parts of the body, especially joint pain. Users also state that using this platform helps aid digestion and tones muscles.


There are few complaints regarding this vibration platform other than the fact that it is difficult for some people to assemble.

Here you can find much more information and prices >>> 2010 New Year Revolution Messager Vibration Platform


Consumers who purchased this vibration platform find it to meet their needs extremely well. However, with little information regarding this platforms dimensions or user weight capacity to go on, this platform may make it difficult for some consumers to determine if this Crazy Fit Massager vibration platform is right for them. .

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