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3 Pilates Workout Questions and Answers for Beginners

Pilates Workout

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We all heard about Pilates training as one of the most popular fitness trends of today. What few people don’t know is that Pilates is more than just a type of workout meant to help you lose some weight and reshape your body – it is a lifestyle in a way, connecting the body to the mind and allowing people to improve posture, mobility and concentration. Today we will take a look over 3 Pilates workout answered questions for beginners and see how can one adopt this terrific type of mind-body exercise.

1. What are the Principles of Pilates Workout?

Pilates works all your muscles and your entire body-mind-soul axis. Its main principles can be summarized as follows:

  • Concentration – Pilates promotes and helps you achieve full mindfulness of your own body posture and movement, increasing your body awareness and using your own body as an exercise accessory.
  • Centering – the fundamental basis for all Pilates exercises, centering refers to your ability of using your body core (the center of your torso) as the building block for all exercises and your goal to achieve body-mind balance.
  • Control – you have complete control of your muscles and you work them mindfully in a safe and productive manner.
  • Precision – in Pilates is more important to execute an exercise perfectly than repeating an exercise in a less precise manner.
  • Breathing – another building block in Pilates, correct deep, controlled, diaphragmatic breathing is the first thing to master and mindfully employ. You cannot engage in Pilates workout without perfectly employing the breathing techniques.
  • Body alignment – Pilates teaches us to achieve and preserve a correct and healthy body posture at all times.
  • Movement flow – Pilates exercises focus on the fluidity, flexibility, grace and ease of your body movements and they apply to all types of exercises.
  • Integration of all of the above – Pilates can be described as a state of mind as well, because breath, body awareness and flow, centering, precision and alignment all work together involving all muscles from head to toe, allowing a complete balanced training.

2. How to Begin a Pilates Workout?

If you are new to Pilates, you should start with a personal instructor or find some books and DVDs with progressive exercises for beginners. A good Pilates workout should always start with achieving and controlling proper breathing. Unless you understand the concepts and methods of Pilates breathing and centering, all you will achieve will be just some home routine floor exercises. Specialists recommend you start with a trainer to guide you through.

3. What Do I Need to Start Pilates Workout at Home?

First you will need some good DVDs to start with. Understand that Pilates workout is not easy feat and it will solicit all your muscle groups. This is why you need to smoothly transition into the full palette of what Pilates has to offer.

Next, you need to make sure you take a serious pre-Pilates cardio training. Use a puzzle exercise mat with interlocking tiles that is water resistant, durable, lightweight and very simple to assemble. Depending on your cardio mat exercises or your Pilates ones you can add or remove the foam interlocking tiles for space and comfort.

Third, you need not to give up. Proper Pilates workout is demanding both physically and mentally and it gives you a good run for your money. But you will feel and see great results in a while and they will keep you motivated to go on.

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