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Best-in-class : Horizon Fitness RC-30
Best-in-class : Horizon Fitness RC-30

Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

These bikes are from the midth of the price range, that means, that not only the basic functionality is covered. Moreover they are usually constructed from higher quality parts and components, and are also backed by a better warranty.

You’ll find that these exercise bikes come equipped with a more generous number of programs and resistance settings than their budget counterparts. The pedaling motion also feels smoother and more lifelike, and the computer console gives you more information on your workout.


Ranking ( 4.6 : best-in-class3.0 : moderate )

SpinningDVD selection
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4.6Horizon Fitness RC-30   … bestin-class

4.4Schwinn 240

4.2Nautilus R514

4.2Xterra 2.5r Recumbent Bike

4.2Schwinn 250

4.0Proform 315 CSX


3.7Schwinn 230

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3.5Schwinn 270