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5 Fashionable Sports Accessories for Active Trendy Women

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Whether you go to the gym, run in the park or workout in the comfort of your home, you shouldn’t trade beauty and style for comfort. The sports departments for women are loaded with clothes and accessories that are fully functional and stylish. You know what they say, some women don’t get caught without makeup not even when they take out the trash, so why wouldn’t you look like a million bucks when you jog or go to your yoga class? Let’s see today five fashionable sports accessories for the ladies!

1. A Magic Headband

You may wear a headband, a bandana, a sun scarf, a scrunchie, a neck gaiter, a neckerchief or fishing mask and buy one piece in each category, or you can wear a 16-in-1 magic headband in gorgeous design which turns into anything you wish for. Versatile, fashionable, colorful and multifunctional, the 16-in-1 is one of the latest fashionable sports accessories for women that took the world by the storm.

2. A Different Style of Top

We are so used to sports cropped tops and the strappy sports bras that we forget that the fashion world took over the athletics world and gave it a few good ideas on how to work out in style. Instead of your regular running tee or tank top, pick a long-sleeved cropped top with back strips or a backless tank top. Also, think about hooded T-shirts or wearing a stylish fitness top in modern colors and patterns.

3. Patterned or Boldly Colored Leggings

Forget the universally worn black / white leggings when you workout and engage in physical exercises and go for leggings which are out of the ordinary. Bold colors are in fashion nowadays, so you can pick something along the lines of tangerine, bright turquoise, salmon pink, mint or pistachio and so on. Want to be even more fashionable? Pick contemporary and highly fashionable patterns, like sky clouds, watercolor abstract paintings, gingham, tribal, flower prints, crazy geometrical shapes and so on.

4. Hi-tech Fashionable Gear

Sports and tech joined hands a long time ago, leading to a new era of wearable technology that helps us keep our shape up and our activity in check – while having fun at the same time! You can wear an activity tracker to monitor your heart rate, your mileage, your burnt calories and your time spent running for instance. However, you can also go for a pair of cute and unusual headphones to listen to your empowering running music or your soothing yoga instrumentals.

5. A Stylish Gym Bag

If you are an active woman, you probably end up at the gym right after your office hours. Forget the backpack and the classic gym duffle bag. Modern designers came up with exquisite messenger bags that are so versatile and beautiful you can wear them from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and look amazing. Such bags have enough room for your laptop, personal items, papers and the gym equipment!

Now these were just a few fashionable sports accessories for women. Have you ever thought about using one of them?

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