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( Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews )

Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews (Sole Fitness LCR)
Best gear in class (Sole Fitness LCR)


Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

As these bikes are the most expensive, you can expect more functionality and higher quality of material and equipment. And usually a longer warranty.

You will find that these bikes come equipped with a more generous number of programs and resistance settings than their budget counterparts.


Ranking ( 5.0 : best-in-class ->  3.0 : moderate )



5.0Sole Fitness LCR (Light Commecial Recumbent)  …  best-in-class

4.9Reebok Trainer RX 4.0                                              …  bestin-class

SpinningDVD selection
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++++++(very) good+++++

4.6Diamondback Fitness 510Sr

4.4Stamina Elite Total Body

4.3Sole Fitness R92

4.3Kettler Axos Cycle R

4.1Stamina 15-9003

4.0Livestrong LS5.0R


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3.9Livestrong LS6.0R

3.9Diamondback Fitness 910Sr

N/ALifeSpan R3i