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Best fitness elliptical trainer reviews

Best Fitness
Best Fitness Elliptical Trainer ReviewsBest Fitness isn’t the most proficient elliptical trainer manufacturer on the market, having designed and released fewer than 10 models.

However, considering that the company is a sub brand of the widely popular and successful Body Solid, this gives us confidence in their products, particularly as they are suitable for a wide range of people, from the complete novice exerciser to the pro athlete.


Good Number of Workout Programs – Each elliptical trainer designed by Best Fitness feature a good number of built-in programs, with each coming with approximately 10. This is good news if you like to tailor your workout to your liking.

Resistance Levels – This is one area where Best Fitness really shine. It’s common for their ellipticals to come with 15+ resistance settings, which explains their popularity with all fitness enthusiasts.

Upper & Lower Body Workouts – Due to the company’s ellipticals being fitted with “SynchroStride” handlebars, you are able to work out both your upper and lower body simultaneously for a total body workout.

Narrow Pedal Spacing – Narrow pedal spacing is beneficial for proper hip alignment as you work out, which in turn helps reduce hip fatigue. However, we also shouldn’t overlook each models’ low step-up, as this prevents rocking of the machine for greater stability and safety purposes.

Excellent Warranties – An excellent warranty always fills up with confidence, as it means that a company believe and stand behind their products.


 Narrow Pedal Spacing – Narrow pedal spacing can actually be seen as both a pro and con. This is because, while it leads to proper hip alignment and greater safety and stability, a user’s foot may potentially rub on the side of the machine.

Jerkiness at Higher Resistance Levels – Some slight jerkiness may be present at the very highest resistance levels. Although it’s unlikely many users will be fit enough (athlete fitness level) to use the highest resistance levels.


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Toll Free – 800-833-1227
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Official Website – www.bodysolid.com/Home/Best_Fitness