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Biking for Weight Loss and a Healthier Lifestyle

biking for weight loss

It is easy to think that biking for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle is such an elementary concept no one needs to elaborate on it further. Of course, pedaling burns calories, pumps up blood in your veins, pushes oxygen into the system, tones up muscles and teaches you coordination and reflexes. In other words, cycling is a complete and complex sport that keeps you in shape and improves your cardiovascular and neural health. Why should we still talk about such obvious manners? Well, one answer would be that things are not that simple as one might think. If you start biking for weight loss and cut some junk food and some alcohol out of your diet, this won’t guarantee you results. Sure, you know how to ride a bike since childhood, but do you really know how to begin and engage into biking for weight loss the right way?

Indoors vs. Outdoors

One of the best ways to cycle for health is to go to work on a bike if it is at all possible. But in case it isn’t, you need to decide whether you want to begin your cycling fitness training indoors or outdoors. If you don’t feel confident in your biking skills or comfortable to going outside yet, get a trainer bike for your living room and start there. You can tweak some variables, like time and intensity, but you should remember that a steady cycling session burns about 300 calories per hour.

Indoor cycling is more versatile than outdoors one. Specialists in weight loss and obesity recommend you to cycle at least twice a day, for at least an hour. When it comes to going out, weather, traffic, the early / late hour, your personal schedule and other issues might interfere, disrupting your routine. Indoor cycling is more controllable and easier to integrate into your busy schedule.

However, it is a no-brainer that outdoor cycling (and especially the one performed in nature, not in urban environments) is the healthiest way to approach this sport. Never miss the opportunity to put your bike on your professional bike trunk mount rack and go somewhere with plenty of oxygen. If you are a seasoned biker, you can also pick difficult routes to push your body to burn even more calories and get its firmness and health.

Getting Better, Staying Better

One of the major advantages of biking for weight loss and other health benefits (heart health, better sleep and sex life, less stress, lower risks of arthritis, joint pains and bone injuries, lower risks of diabetes, reduced anxiety and depression, among others) is that biking helps you keep the extra pounds from returning to you. There is a trick here, of course, and that is the following: once you began riding the bike, you shouldn’t stop riding the bike. It is just like diets and other fitness programs. Just because you lost a few pounds it doesn’t mean you can return to your unhealthy habits and damaging lifestyle choices and hope you will never gain weight again.

Biking is not an exercise or a fitness program, it is a lifestyle. Besides the respect you show to the environment and the gas money you save in the process (as you ditch the car), turning to biking as a means of transportation, weight loss physical program and hobby can change your entire lifestyle routine, turning you into this active, happy, slim and social being that looks and feels amazing.

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