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Bladez exercise bike reviews

Bladez is a subsidiary of BH Fitness, a multi-national company, headquartered in Spain that has been manufacturing quality products for over 100 years.The company certainly has the credentials considering that top athletes including Olympians train on BH Fitness equipment. The company has also served as the equipment of choice for The Biggest Loser UK season 2. In 2009, they even sponsored a Tour de France team.

Bladez exercise bikes are very reasonably priced and come packed with a generous range of technological features, which have only added to their popularity, but they still suffer from a problem that is common to inexpensive exercise bikes.


Heavy Flywheel – The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the pedaling motion, and Bladez bikes certainly don’t disappoint in this aspect, with their bikes, particularly the spin bike models, offering users a true road bike feel.

Good Range of Technological Features – This is where Bladez impress us the most. Their bikes, in spite of being inexpensive compared to others, come with a generous number of programs and resistance settings. Take the Aero Pro, for example, which comes with an unheard of 32 resistance levels.

Affordable – All of Bladez exercise bikes are affordable and are a great choice for both first-time buyers and those who are looking for something a step up to a bike they purchased a few years ago.


Inaccurate Computer Monitor – As expected given the bikes’ inexpensiveness, the computer monitor tends to be inaccurate, namely the calorie counter and heart rate readings.


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Official Website: www.bladezfitness.com