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Body Champ BF620 Indoor Cycle Trainer with Fluidity Flywheel Review

BodyChamp BF620
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Body Champ BF620 Indoor Cycle Trainer with Fluidity Flywheel Review

The body Champ 620 is a budget price exercise cycle and therefore is not as durable or high functioning as many of the exercise bikes that sell for a much higher end price. Keeping this in mind, this bike does perform well enough to give most people under 6′ a fairly good workout at a good value. However if you are looking for an indoor bike for winter training, then this is probly not going to the bike for you.


The bike is fairly solidly built and does come with adjustable handlebars and gel seat. However, this bike really doesn’t adjust enough to provide a comfortable ride for taller individuals and most people find the seat of this bike rather hard and uncomfortable.

Workout Programs

This bike does not come with any built in workout programs. However it does keep track of such things as time, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Stride Length/ Leg Extension

Even with the seat and handlebars extended as far as possible this bike only allows for limited leg extension. Making it best suited for people no taller than 5’8” to 5′ 10” or who have shorter legs.

Resistance Levels

This bike does offer adjustable resistance, but nowhere could we find how many resistance levels there are, and the ones that are present aren’t really marked, you simply turn the knob until you feel that you have the amount of resistance you want.


This bike has a limited 90 day warranty for parts


                                                     38.4” X 22.2” X 50”

User Reviews

Users give the Body Champ 620 slightly better than average ratings. While most users have a reasonable expectations for an exercise bike selling at this low of price point, other users expected far more quality for their money. Shorter and lighter people tended to feel that this bike met their needs and gave them a reasonably good workout. They also like the space saving design the fact that this bike was fairly easy to put to together.


There were almost as many people who didn’t like this bike as there were ones that did. The complaints people had regarding this bike ranged from the resistance strap used to adjust the resistance of the bike, broke far too easily, to breaking chains and even failure of the computer showing speed, distance and time malfunctioning or not working at all.


While this may be a good starter exercise bike for those on a strict budget, users should not expect it to function like a high end exercise bike does. You can get a good workout from this bike, but may spend as much time making repairs as actually exercising.

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