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Body Champ BRM3600
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Our Analysis

While the idea of a dual purpose workout machine (elliptical trainer and bike, simlar to Body Champ BRM2720) makes the Body Champ BRM3600 appealing, the machine itself is not all it is advertised to be. Materials and build quality are basic and lack the higher quality you would expect to see in a good piece of exercise equipment, while the small length stride limits the overall functionality of the BRM3600. This may be fine for those people who weigh under 250 pounds and are simply looking for a machine to help them start exercising, but anyone who is looking for a quality machine to help maintain or increase average fitness levels may find themselves disappointed in the machine.


The two in one design of the Body Champ BRM3600 increases most users comfort as they can get two different types of cardio workouts all in one machine. The adjustable seat that adjusts both vertically and horizontally also accommodates people of various leg lengths when using this machine as a bike.

Workout Programs

There are really no workout programs as such with this machine, so that you can basically write your own. It is recommended that your use the BRM3600 around 3 to 4 times a week, and the very small and handy monitor allows you track your speed, distance, calories burned and pulse rate.Body Champ BRM3600_monitor

Stride Length

The BRM3600 has an extremely short stride length of only 11inches which makes most people feel as though they are shuffling along.

Resistance Levels

This machines has 8 different resistance levels allowing you to get an easy to hard workout depending on your fitness level and mood.


Body Champ BRM3600 does come with a manufacturers warranty of 1 year on the frame and 90 days for parts.


61.81” X 28.74” X 49.9”

User Reviews

Reviews for the BMR3600 is mixed with this dual trainer only getting slightly better than average ratings and reviews. Most users who gave this trainer good ratings tended to be shorter 5′ to 5’5” tall and weighing less than 150 pounds.

The „invention“ to combine elliptical and spin bike gives much more variety in your workout, but shows also disadvantages. Especially, when your legs aren’t long enough, it happens, that the seated position feels slightly awkward. The reason is, that you can’t put your feet too far forward on the pedal – alternatively you can step on the hinges.



Almost an equal number of users did not like this dual trainer once they purchased it finding the stride way to short and the machine a bit on the wobbly side. They also felt this machine was far too noisy making a squeaking sound every time it was used.

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