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Body max exercise bike reviews

Body Max
Body Max Exercise BikesBody Max is a company that has slowly risen up the ranks and is now associated with great, yet affordable training gear. With weights, strength training equipment, in addition to cardio and fitness machines, the company’s portfolio has something for all fitness enthusiasts. However, it is Body Max’s range of exercise bikes that stand out.


Very Reasonably Priced – Solely looking at the price that Body Max bikes retail for, you would think that the price gap between their machines and their high end counterparts would compromise the quality; however, this is not the case.

2-in 1 Machines – One of the main reasons why Body Max bikes are as popular as they are is because a few of their machines act as both an exercise bike and elliptical trainer, enabling users to work out various muscle groups all on one machine. In spite of this, the price is not any higher.


Customer Service – The slow response to customer complaints paints a picture of unreliability. Furthermore, if ever you need to have specialized repairs carried out, you are, unfortunately, required to pay for the shipping yourself.

Seat –  The seats on Body Max bikes don’t put up much of a fight when it comes to wear and tear, although this is fairly common with exercise bikes, particularly those retailing for just a few hundred dollars.


Contact Information

Body Max Fitness
Cloberfield House, 57 Beardmore Way
Cyldebank G81 4HT

Tel: 0203 468 1727
Official Website – www.bodymax-fitness.com