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Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine Review

Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine Review
Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine Review

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Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine may not be as well known as Concept2 or H20 Fitness when it comes to rowing machines, but they have managed to design a very good rowing machine at an affordable price in the Body Solid GSRM40.

However, the real talking point is the very generous warranty, with all parts being backed by a lifetime warranty for residential use. This would be a rarity for sub $1,000 rowing machines, let alone sub $500 models.

Build Quality

It’s hard to question the Body Solid’s build quality, particularly when you take into account the generous warranty, which is often a very good indicator of the quality of a product and how much the manufacturer believes in it. It’s likely that the Body Solid GSRM40 will be with you for many years to come, even with frequent use.


The Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine is different to many other rowing machines on the market. While rowing machines tend to come with either a water-based or air-based resistance system, the GSRM40 features a plate-loading system, allowing you decrease or increase the resistance to your liking. This is beneficial because it means that you have complete control over the level of resistance. With other rowing machines, on the other hand, many people find the resistance to be too great or too lacking. Thankfully, there is no chance of running into this problem with the Body Solid.

However, due to the way in which the Body Solid has been designed, don’t expect a lifelike rowing experience. It simply wasn’t designed for this purpose. It was designed to “build depth in the middle back, and strengthen hard-to-reach lower lat muscles” as the company puts it.

There are also four-way handgrips that widen or narrow to allow you to target different muscles. You should also keep in mind that thanks to the inclusion of oil-lite bronze brushings at all pivot points, the Body Max also feels smooth in operation. No jerky motions here.


The Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine is surprisingly comfortable to work out on, particularly when you compare the comfort level to some of the more expensive rowing machines.

Much of this is down to the adjustability of both the seat and foot pedals, allowing pretty much anyone to get into a comfortable rowing position, regardless of their size or height. However, the fact that the foot platform is angled and comes with a no-slip surface, as well as the extra-thick 8” foam padded foot braces, should certainly not be overlooked.

The seat features a decent level of padding, but as you may have come to expect from exercise equipment, is not the most comfortable in the world. However, the chest pads definitely can be classified as being comfortable. While they are soft, which enhances their comfort, they are also surprisingly supportive.


As mentioned, the Body Solid GSRM40 is backed by a very generous warranty. It is covered by a lifetime warranty on all parts for in-home use, and a lifetime warranty on the frames, welds weigh plates and guide rods, a 2-year warranty on the pulleys, bushings, bearing and hardware, and 1-year warranty on the cables, upholstery, grips and all other components for commercial use.


44 x 39 x 54 inches

77 pounds

Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine Review by UsersBody Solid GSRM40 User

Users really appreciate the lifetime warranty, although they state that the machine feels very well constructed, anyway. The “overall motion was fluid and easy to adjust”, according to one user, while another said that “the range of motion feels good.”

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Any Complaints

We agree with the consumers: the instructions could be improved upon. The instructions basically consist of one piece of paper showing you how all the parts fit together. There are no words. However, this isn’t as much of a problem as you may think it would be, as the assembly process is pretty self-explanatory. It shouldn’t take you any longer than 45 minutes to an hour to fully assemble the machine.

Anything Else You Should Know?

The Body Solid GSRM40 weight plates and collars are sold separately. Apart from this, the only thing left to say is that the GSRM40 is certainly worth a look at, especially if you’re on a budget. While it can’t be classified as a rowing machine in its strictest sense, if you are on a budget and want an exercise machine that is durable, can be depended on, and is able to provide you with an effective workout, then it’s a no-brainer.

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Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine Review

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