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Concept 2 Rowing MachinesThere’s no doubt that after having been in the industry for close to 40 years, the terms Concept2 and rowing machine are synonymous – much like how Schwinn is the go-to manufacturer for any consumers looking to purchase an exercise bike.

Concept2’s line of rowers is widely considered to be the standard for competitive rowers and can be found in more or less every respectable gym worldwide, attesting to the company’s performance and quality.


Durable – Considering that Concept2 rowers can be found in gyms worldwide, making it compulsory for the machines to withstand frequent daily use, it’s safe to say that Concept2 rowers are highly durable.

Rowing Motion – The rowing motion always feels smooth and natural, but the best aspect is how you are able to control the exertion and resistance of each stroke thanks to the spiral damper.

Quiet Operation – Rowing machines naturally tend to be quite loud; however, Concept2 has managed to design its rowers – or more specifically the flywheel – in a way whereby noise is minimized.

Comfort – Key components, including the seat and footrests are adjustable, and the handlebars are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and strain. There is a reason why many Concept2 buyers are part of the “Million Meter Club.”

Performance Monitor – The company’s line of rowers come with performance monitors that track all the usual information like distance, pace, calories burned, watts etc.; however, there are also a range of pre-set workouts, you can row along with an animated rower, and are provided with a range of free motivational tools online.


Lack of Heart Rate Monitoring – We only really have one complaint with Concept2 rowers, which is that additional equipment must be purchased to measure your heart rate. We really wish that the company would address this issue sooner rather than later, considering the price its rowers retail for.

Plastic Parts – Many of the components on the rowers are manufactured from plastic parts, including the wheels, handlebar mounts and extension arm for the performance monitor. While there are very few recorded complaints about the durability of the company’s rowers, steel components would still be preferable.


Contact Information

Concept2, Inc.
105 Industrial Park Drive
Morrisville, VT 05661


  • Sales and Customer Service: Toll-free 800.245.5676 or direct 802.888.7971
  • Fax: 802.888.4791


Official Website: www.concept2.com