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Crossfit Jump Rope-Fast Speed Cable For Mastering Double Unders Review

Crossfit Jump Rope-Fast Speed Cable For Mastering Double Unders
Crossfit Jump Rope-Fast Speed Cable For Mastering Double Unders


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From children in the school yard, to professional boxers, football players, and runners a jump rope is a popular tool for building endurance, staminia, and offering pure fun for an incredibly low price. The Crossfit Jump rope-Fast Speed Cable for Mastering double unders, is a great jump for entertainment and fitness for people of all ages.

Features of the Crossfit Jump Rope

  • 90 degree handle turn and wire cable rope helps prevent kinking, tangling, or bending.
  • Extremely portable can be taken anywhere
  • Carry case included
  • Easy to adjust length for different height people
  • Comes with free ebook workout manual
  • Total as is length with handles is 10′ 4”
  • 100% lifetime guarantee

Sizing Your Jump Rope Properly

When sizing a jump rope to the correct length to your height you stand on the center of the rope and pull the ends of the rope up to shoulder length (including handle). Cut off the remaining part of the rope and reattach the handles. (Wires cutters may be necessary as this is a cable)

Benefits of the Crossfit Jump Rope- Fast Speed Cable

Jumping rope is a great exercise for the entire family and is something that you can do together both to increase fitness and simply to have fun. Benefits of jumping rope as part of a regular exercise routine includes:

  • Great calorie burner for those looking to lose weight- 30 minutes of jumping rope burns 300 calories
  • Jumping rope gives you a full body workout and helps to strenghten both leg and arm muscles, improves agility and speed.
  • Tones your legs and lower body
  • Improves your cardiovascular health
  • Great for mastering double unders

Users Take

Users really enjoy this jump rope and give it exceptionally good ratings. Most users use it as part of regular fitnessness program, but some users use this rope simply for warming up before doing exercises, to get a little physical activity in spare minutes between other tasks, and for pure fun. Features users really like about this rope include:

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors- A number of users really enjoy using this rope out of doors and stated it made them feel like a kid again, while others enjoyed the fact that it could also give them a form of exercise they could do inside during the cold winter months. Just be sure that your ceiling has enough clearance to allow the rope to turn easily.
  • Ease of Use- While most users do appreciate the ebook workout manual that comes with this jump rope and find it handy, they also enjoy the fact that this one piece of exercise equipment they use without needing to follow any instructions and still see fantastic results over time.
  • Fun- With so many different types of fitness equipment reminding users that they must really work to stay fit. This jump rope provides users with a fun way to get fit, which actually encourages them to use it more often than other types of equipment.

Inexpensive, easy, and fun to use, this Crossfit jump rope is the perfect piece of fun workout equipment for the entire family.


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