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CycleOps Exercise BikesCycleOps’ manufcture a wide range of exercis bikes, but its target market is primarily athletes in training for a race or a marathon. It therefore does not come as a surprise that the company has decided to specialize in producing sturdy, muscular, heavy-duty stationary bikes that have the capacity to track the strength of a single pedal. Cycleops bikes are ideal for those looking for a real road bike feel and for those looking to improve their performance training.


Free Virtual Training Software – You get a free two week trial of the popular Virtual Training Software. If you’re a hardcore cyclist, you will appreciate how Virtual Training not only provides you with a beautiful digital background, but it also gives you a full tracking service for each of your workouts. You can even install Virtual Training to your tablet and take it outdoors with you on your road bike.

PowerTap Technology – Any stationary bike currently on the market can measure your speed, distance, and heart rate, but CycleOps took measuring things to a new level when they measured how much power can go to one pedal. This is extremely helpful in pinpointing and determining peak performance for athletes.

Read your data anywhere – It doesn’t matter if you’re on a Mac or a PC, or if you’re on a desktop or a tablet. You can access your data anywhere.


Clunky sounds – Some users have been known to complain about clunky sounds coming from the pedals and the seats. It can be quite annoying knowing how expensive one unit is.


Contact Information

5253 Verona Road
Madison, WI 53711

Phone: 1-800-783-7257
Email: custsrv@saris.com
Official Website: www.cycleops.com