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CycleOps Magneto Trainer Review

CycleOps Magneto Trainer Review

CycleOps Magneto Trainer Review
CycleOps Magneto Trainer Review

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CycleOps Magneto Trainer In Action

The CycleOps Magneto Trainer is the first magnetic trainer with progressive resistance. If you are a person who uses cycling as your main exercise or who likes to race and need of means of continuing your training even when the weather outside is at its worst, then turning your outdoor cycle into an indoor exercise bike will help you to stay fit, keep your training going strong all using the comfort of your outdoor bike. The Cycleops Magneto trainer is the ideal accessory that will turn your regular bicycle into an indoor exercise bicycle.

The Cycleops Magneto trainer was first introduced into 2002 and is made of heavy duty aluminum and comes with a fold up design. It uses power band resistance, the resistance increases the faster you pedal. The trainer also has an internal fly wheel and adjustable foot plates.

When setting up this Magneto Trainer you fold out the legs, which makes the trainer more stable allowing users to feel more secure as they workout even at high speeds.

This trainer comes with a useful DVD, which is designed to help users get the very best workout possible. It also comes with a lifetime warranty making this trainer an excellent value.


Since this trainer is specifically designed to be used with your own bike it really doesn’t come with any comfort features. The feature that makes this trainer comfortable for most users is the fact that the Cycleops is really stable, which allows those riding indoors to feel secure while riding their bike inside as an exerciser.


The Cycleops Magneto trainer does not come with any type of computer it is basically a simple product that allows you to use your standard outdoor bike for indoor fitness.


The Cycleops Magneto Trainer uses power band resistance which means that the level of resistance is dependant on how fast you pedal. There is a lever on the back wheel to help to adjust resistance and if you have a geared bike you can use the various gears to help provide more or less resistance.


This trainer measures 7” X 22” X 23” and weighs 19 pounds (shipping weight)

Weight Capacity

There is no weight capacity given for this trainer, however, it is pretty safe to assume that if your bike bears your weight then the trainer should as well.


The Cycleops Magneto Trainer comes with a lifetime warranty against defects.


Reviews for the Cycleops Magneto Trainer are good with most people who purchased this trainer finding that it works almost exactly like they would like it too. The trainer is easy to assemble and most people, although not all find the instructions simple to follow.

The trainer has a quick release mounting which users who take their bike indoors and out frequently like since it makes disconnecting the bike from the trainer fast and easy.

This trainer is solidly built and easy to use and users really like that it comes with a DVD that gives you tips on working out using the trainer.

Users do state that this trainer operates smoothly and is pretty quiet at least when pedaling at a slower pace. Users do find that the resistance of this trainer is excellent.


There really are not many complaints regarding this trainer. The most important complaint deserves to be considered is that this trainer doesn’t fit all bikes, so you need to make sure that your bike will actually work with this trainer prior to purchasing.

The second complaint is that when you pedal faster to get up your resistance that this trainer can be incredibly noisy. The solution to this problem may simply be to purchase earplugs when riding this bike.


The Cycleops Magneto Trainer is the perfect way to turn your regular out door bike into an indoor exercise bike in order to maintain your fitness or continue your training for those bike races you want to take part in. The stability of this trainer along with the helpful training DVD makes this trainer a good value for those who want to workout by cycling. It folds up taking up less space when not in use and is extremely easy to use.

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CycleOps Magneto Trainer Review
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